Calls for South African Hero Who Saved Boy in Flash Flood to be Rewarded Like France’s ‘Spiderman’

South Africans are calling for a Gauteng man to be rewarded for his incredible bravery in saving a terrified young child during a flash flood in Johannesburg.

Social Cohesion Advocate Yusuf Abramjee uploaded a video early Saturday showing the man risking his own life to reach the child and piggyback him to safety.

Abramjee said: “This man needs a medal for bravery: he rescued a child in Alexandra JHB (Jukskei River).” In an updated tweet, Abramjee said: “IF ANYONE KNOWS THE HERO, PLEASE DM ME AND I WILL GLADLY NOMINATE HIM FOR A NATIONAL ORDER.”

Many agreed, saying “big ups to this guy”, and tagged President Cyril Ramaphosa and Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba… imploring them to reward the man’s heroism like France did when a man – nicknamed ‘Spiderman’ – scaled a building in Paris last year to rescue a child.

“He was celebrated all over the world, the French government offered him a job and citizenship… South Africa government, what’s your plan?” said one Twitter user.

Another said “this guy should be given a job as a fireman or work within the rescue services. France did that with that dude who rescued a child” and one of many said: “In France they bestowed nationality on an African migrant who saved a child in similar circumstances, let’s pray that our leaders do the right thing and honour this man.”

The brave rescuer was also applauded for choosing action rather than whipping out his phone to video the child.

“This is another level of bravery on steroids. He deserves a medal. He didn’t look the other way, he saved a soul. 🎖️🏅🥉🥇” said one social media user.

Another, who tagged the South African President, said: “This deserves recognition for his bravery, but mostly for being a symbol of Humanity.”

Many welcomed a good news story.

According to the man who can be heard talking in the video, the child had been trying to cross the river in Alexandra when suddenly the water level rose in just a few minutes.

WATCH Brave Gauteng man saves child during flash flood in Joburg, South Africa