WATCH Man in Wheelchair Whizzing Down South African Highway

A video of a man in a wheelchair in South Africa, hitching a ride with a truck, has gone viral this week.

The man – who is either incredibly brave or desperate or both – is seen holding onto a truck and then letting go to take an off ramp.

The video was uploaded by EMalahleni Residents/Community – Municipality in Mpumalanga who said: “We officially give up! We throw in the towel after this.”

Viewers were split between those who found it funny (“how strong is he, pushing a truck” and “with petrol prices going up, we may all soon be joining him”) to those who were concerned (“He’s already in a wheelchair. Where does he want to end up next?🙄🤔) and  sad.

Denver Flügel said: “This is sad. This man is disabled and obviously risking his life to get to where he needs to go. This happens when your government lets you down and you have no other option. Shameful.”

Some also applauded the driver for appearing to slow down to minimise the risk of possible injury to the man. And some applauded the man in the wheelchair for his courage and audacity. “My f*k Marelize,” said one.

WATCH Wheelchair rolling down road in South Africa

South Africa

We officially give up! We throw in the towel after this.

Posted by EMalahleni Residents/Community – Municipality on Tuesday, March 5, 2019