WATCH Talented African Orphanage Kids Dance Off With Dubai Dancer

Watch this brilliant video filmed in Uganda, showing Dubai dancer Karina Palmira dancing and having fun with the children from Masaka Kids Africana Orphanage. It’s already had over 2 million views!

Karina, who is also a choreographer and instructor in the United Arab Emirates, says: “When they say: ‘Mami Karina, teach us some moves’ but I’m actually the one learning from them🙈”

Karina normally performs with the Moto Dancers who claim to be the first AfroBeats crew in the Middle East.

When she posted the video earlier this week, Karina said: “Dancing with my favorite boy Trevor🔥Sharing nothing but love and good vibes❤️”

She encourages everyone who loves this video to follow “these talented souls” on their Facebook page.

The Masaka Kids Africana Orphanage is made up of young talented kids who “dance – rise and shine”, according to their Facebook page. The pages says it is “supporting children in education and social well being, through their talents.”

After Karina’s video went viral, Masaka Kids Africana – who won a couple of Dance World Awards in 2017, said: “Wow💃💃💃💃Thank you so much Karina Palmira❤️❤️❤️we love you. Missing you so much our family❤️❤️❤️”

WATCH Karina Palmira dances with Masaka Kids Africana

When they say:“Mami Karina, teach us some moves” but I’m actually the one learning from them🙈____________________________________________ Dancing with my favorite boy Trevor🔥Sharing nothing but love and good vibes❤️____________________________________________🤝If you wanna know more about these talented souls follow Masaka Kids Africana And use the link in their BIO or DM @masaka_my_kids or @3wash_hip_hop to donate🙏🏽@moto_dancers_afrobeats #masakakidsafricana #masaka #dancingkids #afrobeats #uganda #dubai #dancehall #instavideo #dancechallenge #dance Chop Daily @chopdailykids DanceOn NWE World Afro Dance

Posted by Karina Palmira on Monday, March 11, 2019