WATCH Flying Chairs in Hout Bay as Election Debate Turns Into Brawl

It was flying musical chairs at an SABC-hosted elections debate in Hout Bay, South Africa, on Friday morning as supporters of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Land Party and Black First Land First (BLF) got into a heated debate, apparently over proposed land reforms.

Referring to the “horrific scenes” of chairs and other objects being thrown, SABC presenter Leanne Manas said the SABC had tried “absolutely everything to let these smaller parties be heard, and (then) this is what is happening”.

Manas reported that “EFF supporters are now throwing chairs at other supporters”. She said the smaller parties also wanted to have a say, and suddenly it all came to an end. She later tweeted that the debate had been called off.

WATCH Chairs fly at elections debate

The mass brawl, which erupted during the second part of the debate, has made international news. Reuters said supporters can be heard yelling “How can you hit a woman?! This is our Hout Bay, man! This is sacred land! No man, sacred land here!” and “We will not allow this, this is Khoi land! No way, no way!”

According to Reuters, video footage showed members of EFF instigating violence against other supporters. The EFF’s national office issued a statement condemning the violence and calling for restraint and order. See below.

National elections are being held in South Africa on 8 May.