Solly Msimanga Invites Ramaphosa & Crew to Address Alexandra Residents After Claims

DA Gauteng Premier Candidate Solly Msimanga has issued an invitation for President Cyril Ramaphosa, Gauteng Premier David Makhura and former Johannesburg Mayor Parks Tau to join him and current Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba at a townhall meeting to address the residents of Alexandra on Thursday 18 April 2019.

Following the burning and riots in Alex this week when thousands of residents caused a shutdown in the township, Msimanga said in a statement that he and Mashaba were calling the meeting to reflect on what has been done since 2016, and what more needs to be done to make Alex into a place to be proud of.

He said in addition to this, he was extending an invitation to the three ANC figures to join them “to account for the period between 1994 and August 2016”.

According to reports, the Alex Shutdown was because residents were demanding that Mashaba address them on the overcrowding and lack of water and electricity.

However, according to Msimanga, the violent and destructive action in Alex “is not a service delivery protest”.

He claims “it is being carefully coordinated by the ANC and its affiliates, who face electoral loss in Gauteng on 8 May.”

Msimanga alleged on Friday that: “We have seen WhatsApp messages from a South African National Civic Organisation group, where activities aimed against Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba are coordinated.

“We have further witnessed ANC Councillors spurring protesters to engage in the destruction of property and racially abuse the Johannesburg MMC for Safety, Michael Sun.

“Indeed, more needs to be done in Alex but equally we have invested significant resources into building what the ANC neglected for more than 20 years.”

Today, Msimanga said the engagement on 18 April with the people of Alex will also present an opportunity for all three spheres of government to forge a partnership and commitment to working together in order to put the people first.

“Above all, we are servants of the people, therefore party politics should be put side so that we can build a broken community.”

He again said: “It is most disappointing that the ANC chose to play with the lives and emotions of the people by hijacking and criminalising a community movement. From day one the City of Johannesburg Executive was ready to engage with the community, but ANC Ward Councillors instead chose to fuel fires running a disinformation campaign and spurring the community to engage in criminal acts.

“On Sunday, 07 April 2019, I will be laying charges against the Ward Councillors we have been identified as the ringleaders of a carefully coordinated campaign to fuel the fires of anarchy in Alex.

“Further to this, I have written to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to probe whether the ANC is indeed in violation of the Electoral Code of Conduct. The harshest sanction that comes with a violation of the Code is being disqualified from contesting the elections.”

Meanwhile Eye Witness News reports that residents have confirmed they will take #AlexShutdown campaign to Sandton on Monday.