WATCH South Africa’s Different Sexy Accents

As most South Africans now know, a new poll ranked the world’s sexiest accents and ‘South African’ came in second! (New Zealand came in first.)

Watch below as Trevor Noah makes fun of the list with his interpretation of the New Zealand and Australian accents.

Trevor asked which South African accent they specifically meant – he clearly hadn’t read the poll which stated “Afrikaans is a hugely popular accent with many people across the globe, thanks to their unique tones and Saffa slang.”

BUT he did come up with an accent that could be even sexier – Nelson Mandela’s!

WATCH Trevor Noah on South Africa’s sexiest accent

Which Accent Is The Sexiest?

A new poll ranks the world’s sexiest accents and South African comes in… 2nd?!

Posted by The Daily Show on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Meanwhile Chris Clarke from Pretoria shows the world South Africa’s different accents in this video below. The second one has been voted the world’s second sexiest!

WATCH South Africa’s Different Accents

My attempt at a few of the various South African accents.

Posted by Chris J Clarke on Wednesday, April 24, 2019