How It Was: My Personal Experience of Passing Cisco 210-250 Exam

By James Williams

I recently passed my Cisco 210-250 exam and I wanted to share my experience.

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I believe it could help people who prepare for the same test. Before I go ahead, here’s a brief background of the certifications I have earned so far: I have the CCNA Routing and Switching credential, which is about to expire in a couple of months. I didn’t want to re-certify with the same exam or give up my Cisco certificate, so I decided to pursue another one.

I had to take a serious look at my career prospects and what I really want in my professional life. After taking a frank look at my prospects, I decided to focus on security field because I believe this is one of the spheres with a high demand of those professionals who have the skills and knowledge that have been validated and certified.

The next step was to pursue a certification. I decided on the Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops 210-250 Exam Dumps credential. I had to start with the Cisco 210-250 exam, of course.

How did I prepare for the exam?

I work with an IT company and I have a lot of experience. I knew that preparing for the exam was not going to be easy and I would have to go the extra mile to be able to do justice to everything that I need to cover.

I decided to give myself two months to prepare for the test. The plan was to use the first month for going through the exam topics and study materials.

By the second month, I would go straight to practice tests.

The first thing I did was to go through the exam page on the Cisco website to familiarize myself with the exam topics and objectives. I took time to focus on each of them and understand them perfectly.

Next, I quickly went through the free resources I found on the site to build a foundation for my preparation. I have to mention that I didn’t take any paid training courses or practice tests. All the resources I used for my exam preparation were free from the online platforms. I did a meticulous search to look for websites that offer self-paced training videos for free and got a good number of them. In fact, I had enough to take me through my preparation process. These videos did a good job explaining the topics and highlighting important points to remember.

Now, if you have the budget for training, you can give it a shot. There are many online platforms that offer training courses for the Cisco 210-250 exam that you can check out. There are ExamSnap, Examcollection, PrepAway, Exam-Labs IT Training and a host of others. However, my free materials were also good. I think what helped me a lot was my background knowledge of a substantial part of the test contents. I am an avid reader: I read any book or material that I come across for the fun of it. I guess in the process of reading various books, I have come across a lot of things regarding the exam topics. Thus, for me, preparing for the test was like refreshing my memory of what I had studied previously.

Another important bit of material that helped me is the official certification guide. This was very useful and insightful. The book contains an in-depth explanation of the exam topics and also has some great practice questions that were really helpful. The questions are multiple choice and they give an excellent idea of what to expect during the exam in terms of question types. I discovered that some of the practice questions I used were quite similar to the ones I came across during the real exam. I strongly recommend that you use the official cert guide for your preparation and go through the practice questions and quizzes.

Each chapter of the book has its own practice questions, which makes it easy for you to evaluate your understanding of each chapter immediately after studying it. The book also contains key points to remember. I think this is amazing because you can actually use this as your cheat card during the final stage of your exam preparation.

Understandably, you should study hard for your exam and take advantage of the various resources you can find. However, if you don’t have much time to scour the whole Internet looking for free materials to use for your preparation, just focus on the official book recommended by Cisco for the 210-250 exam.

This study guide contains everything you need to succeed in your test. Honestly, I didn’t take time to go through the entire book, I only focus on the areas where I needed more information. I went through the practice questions and surprisingly, the book was of immense help in answering my exam questions. Let me emphasize this, if you need a single book that will help you with your preparation, it is the official book recommended by Cisco.

My experience on the exam date

I was at the testing centre on time because I didn’t want to experience any unpleasant surprises. In this exam, Cisco 210-250, you can’t go back to any exam question if you skip it. You have to answer the question before you move on. Therefore, be prepared to answer your questions at a go.

I found this pretty unsettling because this can destabilize you, most especially if you are not sure about the answer. I answered 65 questions and I had enough time for all of them. It is important that you read each question carefully and understand it before you provide the answer.

Sometimes, the questions are not what they seem at first. Make sure you read them at least twice before you give an answer.

The passing score for my exam was 825 and I scored 925. If you are planning to write this test, do your best. Study and be focussed at the testing centre. I wish you success in your Cisco 210-250 exam.

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