WATCH Trevor Noah on Jimmy Kimmel, and Trevor Reveals His Favourite SA Toy

South African comedian Trevor Noah is on holiday… but that hasn’t stopped him continuing to work! This week he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show talking about everything and everyone from Oprah to Donald Trump.

The 35-year-old SA expat, who is now based in New York, offered some rare praise forĀ  President Trump… as the first American president to “actually deliver” on his campaign promises. (Something that Fox News was quick to report on!) Watch below.

Trevor also posted a Between the Scenes video in which he chatted about his favourite toy in South Africa, when he was living with his grandmother – a brick! Watch beneath this video.

WATCH Trevor Noah on Oprah, The Daily Show & Donald Trump

WATCH Trevor Noah remembers his favourite toy growing up in South Africa – a Brick!