WATCH Trevor Noah Reveal What Happened During New York’s Blackout

When New York was plunged into a blackout on Saturday evening, South African comedian Trevor Noah and a couple of friends from South Africa were hanging out together in his building… but when the lights came back on, they found themselves in a “compromising” position in front of the other residents of the building. Watch the video below as Trevor tells it like it was…

The New York blackout, caused by a faulty cable, lasted about five hours.

During that time Trevor and another guy were hanging out in SA comedian David Kibuuka‘s apartment. (Dave – who also works on the Daily Show – lives in the same building as Trevor.)

Trevor reveals how impressed he was with Dave lighting candles during the Blackout (perhaps being a connoisseur of load-shedding in South Africa), and then goes on to explain what the three South Africans were ‘caught’ doing in the hallway when the power returned!

Trevor chatted about the incident during his award-winning Between the Scenes segment, on The Tonight Show.

WATCH VIDEO: Trevor Noah gets caught in a Blackout

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