WATCH Kids Play in Tswana. Proudly South African Family Gives the Nation Goosebumps

There’s a Proudly South African family living on a farm in the North West, with some amazing employees and friends, who are giving us all goosebumps and inspiring the nation on how we could all work and play together.

The children are like brothers and sisters. All photos from FB/Rika Ernst with Pieter Ernst’s permission.

Watch the video below – filmed on Bona Bona Game Farm in Buisfontein (between Klerksdorp and Wolmaranstad) – that captures their way of life so beautifully.

Mom Rika Ernst posted the video on Sunday saying: “Proudly SA! 🇿🇦 As iemand vandag te lui is vir kos maak… Bona Bona Buisfontein KFC is oop🤩 let wel, NET die ‘drive thru’🤣” (If anyone’s too lazy to make food today… Bona Bona Buisfontein KFC is open; take note – just the drive thru!)

The children are Teko Mokgotu (7), Katlego Dladla (10), Ntumisang Mokgotu (11), Mine Ernst (8), Pieter Ernst (6) and Ilne Ernst (4).

As the kids have fun in the video, pretending to have their own KFC take-away restaurant, they’re all playing and chatting in Tswana.

WATCH South African kids play KFC shop-shop in Tswana

Proudly SA! 🇿🇦 As iemand vandag te lui is vir kos maak… Bona Bona Buisfontein KFC is oop🤩 let wel, NET die ‘drive thru’🤣

Posted by Rika Ernst on Sunday, July 21, 2019

Rika told SAPeople: “I’ve got 2 very special ladies helping me to raise my kids… Gadifele Lobisa Kgasu and Florah Mokhatsi Selebano – they are part of the family, so I told them to ONLY speak Tswana with my kids… and then they also learnt from their tjommies, who are like a real brother and sisters to my kids!”

Rika was also brought up on a farm, in the Eastern Cape, and grew up speaking Xhosa “so I knew what it meant for myself…

Photo: Rika Ernst – “‘There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return…’ – Pres Nelson Mandela.”

“I always said I’ll make sure my kids will speak an African language. We love SA and we love our people!”

Her husband Pieter told SAPeople he and his wife were fortunate to “grow up with parents that love SA”.

He says Gadifele and Florah are their “key to the language… and then the friends seal the deal on fluently speaking it with their (younger) ‘type’ of speaking😻”

Rika says the kids often play “shop-shop”, but this was the first time they’d put “KFC” on the door. “I just saw the KFC and thought… I HAVE TO TAKE A VIDEO OF THIS!”

Proudly South African. Rika and Pieter Ernst with their family on Bona Bona Game Farm in Buisfontein

The proudly South African farming family say: “We feel so happy and safe in this land… you know, when you really know Jesus and experience the reality of Him in your life it changes everything. The love of Jesus in our hearts moves us…”