WATCH Funniest Auditions on Idols South Africa

This video of the Funniest Auditions on Idols South Africa is going viral again, although it’s from 2016! But it just shows how chilled and funny South Africans are.

The video was uploaded by Idols Global and has had over two millions views! Some of the feedback from around the world includes “South Africa Idol judges are so much nicer than American and Britain judges”, “the SA judges are so sweet”, “warning: do not watch if your mouth is full”, “South Africans have the funniest and weirdest people I know and I love that” and “OMG love it!! South Africa is my favorite country now!! I wanna go there!!”

WATCH VIDEO: Idols South Africa – Funniest Auditions

If you’re in South Africa don’t miss Idols SA tonight – find out who the final 16 will be. You can watch on DStv Now.