For Bruce Marais and his travel companions, Kampala was a colourful chaos, and his photographs vividly show it. In the second part of SAPeople’s series on Bruce’s 10-country journey, he focuses on the Ugandan capital. “Some good news from East Africa,” he writes from the road. “They have a growing economy, it’s a safe place with incredible people, beautiful sights and so much to discover.”

“Downtown Kampala is as crazy as it gets.” “Uganda is great for adventurous people: it’s high energy, crazy busy, organized chaos but very safe.”
Shri Sanatan Dharma Mandal Temple.
“Ugandan Parliament. The police were so nice to let us in to take a pic.”

A marabou stork, one of the city’s trash pickers. “These giant storks are everywhere! This one ripped the roots straight out of the ground and then ate it! Bizarre
“Owino Market was surreal! It’s like a factory of everything you can imagine! Just wow!
“Looks like a lime, inside it looks like an orange but tastes like a lemon.”
“Hundreds of ladies sewing in rows.”
“Sneaky pic: it’s mostly prohibited to take pictures of government buildings or police.”
“People are quite chilled about having their pictures taken.”
“An ocean of minibus taxis, as popular as the motorbikes.”