Holiday’s Over As Eskom Switches Off The Lights Again for South Africans

The festive holiday season came to an abrupt end on Saturday for South Africans… who were plunged back into darkness by Eskom’s power cuts.

eskom loadshedding south africa
Stock photo: Pixabay

The state power utility – which did its best to keep the lights on for Christmas and New Year – announced on Sunday morning that loadshedding Stage 2 would continue today from 08h00 through to 05h00 on Monday morning.

Eskom said in a statement that the system remains constrained and vulnerable.

“The conveyor belt failure at Medupi power station has since been repaired and the plant is feeding power into the grid,” said Eskom.

“The incident, however, as well as a loss of additional generation units caused us to have to deplete our diesel and pump storage levels, which we need to restore as we head into the working week on Monday,” Eskom explained.

The organisation said its teams are working tirelessly to return units back from planned and unplanned outages.

“Owing to inadequate maintenance over a number of years, the system remains vulnerable to unplanned outages. We remind customers that loadshedding is an essential and controlled measure to ensure that the integrity of the grid is not compromised,” said Eskom.

The power utility asked customers to please reduce demand as a “concerted collective effort” can help to avoid or reduce the level of loadshedding.

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