Zindzi Mandela Tested Positive, Confirms Son, But Still Awaiting Autopsy Results

Zindzi Mandela’s son Zondwa confirmed on Wednesday evening that his mother┬átested positive for COVID-19 on the day of her passing, but added that other tests have also been done and that the family is still waiting for the autopsy report to clarify her exact cause of death.

Zindzi – the daughter of ‘giants’, Nelson and Winnie Mandela – passed away unexpectedly on Monday morning, 13 July 2020, the same day that Mandela’s eldest son Madiba Thembekile (Thembi) died in a car crash in 1969.

Zondwa also confirmed – in an exclusive interview with the SABC – that his mother will be buried on Friday rather than Saturday 18 July, which is the anniversary of her late father’s birthday.

Zindzi was an activist like her parents, and served as South Africa’s Ambassador to Denmark. In her final tweet on Twitter, posted on 26 March, Zindzi mentioned in a conversation with a bank, asking for her card to be released to a custodian after an ATM had swallowed the card, that “I am not feeling well” and “I am not well”. A few days previously – on 21 March – a friend had asked her how quarantine life was treating her – “Sill alive, please check your DM,” she replied.

Zindzi Mandela will be buried tomorrow morning at 07h00, her son said.

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