WATCH SA and Global Documentary Film Festival Will be Online and Free

The exciting annual Encounters South African International Documentary Festival is happening again this year, but for the first time you can watch it from the comfort of home, and all the 50 films are free (with the option of a donation). It runs 20-30 August.

Many incredible award-winning docs from around the world will be shown, including one on the mysterious and famous public artist Banksy, as well as films out of Palestine, Mexico and Syria, and made by talented directors.

“Bellingcat” follows a group of citizen journalists digging up the dirt on potentially fake news stories. “The Best and Worst of Us” is a 5 minute film on photojournalist Armand Hough covering the lockdown in Cape Town. “Days of Cannibalism” is a portrayal of poverty-stricken rural Lesotho and the expanding Chinese presence there. “Dafa Metti” is a short film about Senegalese immigrants selling trinkets under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Plus there’s much much more. (See some trailers below.)

One of the numerous sponsors of the festival is the famed Sundance Institute in America, which has its own annual film festival in Utah. For more on the times, bookings and the movies, go to Encounters.

Watch trailer to the “Banksy Most Wanted” movie

“For Sama”

“How to Steal a Country” (The Gupta Movie)

Bellingcat (click on link):

“Days of Cannibalism”