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Herman Mashaba.

The Electoral Commission has rejected the registration of former Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba’s ACTIONSA as a political party, citing the infringement of sections of the Electoral Act.

actionsa party of action south africa
The logos of the two parties, Party of Action and ActionSA.

“ACTIONSA was informed in writing yesterday of the failure of its application based on the similarity of its symbol or distinguishing mark to that of another party already registered, as well as the fact that the logo includes the South African national flag,” said the Commission in a statement today.

The IEC said it reached the decision after an existing party, Party of Action, objected to the application of ACTIONSA on the basis that the proposed logo was “too similar” to its own.

Section 16(1)(b) of the Electoral Commission Act (51 of 1996) provides that the Chief Electoral Officer may not register a party if its distinguishing mark or symbol resembles that of another registered party, to such an extent that it may deceive or confuse voters.

The rejection was also based on the symbol of ACTIONSA containing the national flag as part of the symbol.

“Given that the national flag has been registered under the Heraldry Act 18 of 1962, no organisation, institution or concern, including a political party, may use the flag or portion of the flag to form part of its emblem,” the Electoral Commission said.

In the letter, the IEC said it informed ACTIONSA that it has two options. The first may be to amend its symbol and publish a fresh notice of application. Alternatively, ACTIONSA may appeal to the Commission against the decision of the Chief Electoral Officer within 30 days.

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