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The National Traffic Police (NTP) has shut down a Pretoria company that is allegedly producing fraudulent vehicle licence discs.

This comes after the traffic police’s specialised unit, the Falcons, conducted a raid on the premises of the company in Kameeldrift on Tuesday morning.

This after two trucks were found to have false vehicle licence discs last Friday.

“It was discovered during the raid that, the company had allegedly displayed fake vehicle discs on 10 of its 19 heavy vehicles,” the NTP said in a statement.

According to the NTP, the company has failed to renew vehicle licence discs since 2012 resulting in R5 366 789 in outstanding licence fees.

“Further investigation are being conducted to determine the source of the fake licence documents and a case of fraud has been opened against the company’s operator. The company is not allowed to operate the vehicles on any public road before the conclusion of investigations,” it said.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has welcomed the raid while also urging members of the public to assist in the elimination of fraud and corruption within the road transport sector. –