car crash grahamstown
A speeding car flew through the air into the wall of the historic school. Photo supplied

Incredible CCTV footage shows a speeding car hitting a roundabout and flying over ONE HUNDRED FEET through the air before crashing into a chapel wall in  Makhanda (formerly Grahamstown) in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

It’s estimated that the hapless driver soared FIFTEEN FEET up into the air, taking off in a shower of sparks and crash-landing in another shower of sparks into historic St Andrew’s College school chapel’s wall.

car crash grahamstown
The car is a blur like a scene straight out of Fast & Furious as it flies out of control through the air towards the school chapel. Photos supplied.


A street camera captured the dramatic moment which looks like a scene straight out of Hollywood’s blockbuster series ‘Fast & Furious’.

Initial reports said that the car was being driven by an off-duty soldier when it took off on the roundabout. The driver was rushed to hospital, seriously injured but still conscious.

South African Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson Captain Mali Govender said: “The driver was bleeding badly and details remain sketchy, but we are studying the CCTV camera film. It seems the driver lost control at a traffic circle and hit the school chapel border wall which saved the car going into the chapel itself.”

car crash grahamstown
“The car took off like a stunt out of a James Bond film…” Photo supplied

A first responder at the scene said: “Having seen the CCTV it would seem the driver clearly had not seen there was a circle and hit it at speed, and it acted as a take off-ramp.

“The car took off like a stunt out of a James Bond film but fortunately for the driver the car flew straight and then it came down with a hell of a smash into a solid brick wall. The driver was in a bad way and needed to be seriously stabilised at the scene before being taken to hospital, and the car I suspect will be going straight to the breakers yard.

“Clearly speed was involved and a lack of the driver spotting a well-lit roundabout with lots of warning signs on the approach that there was a roundabout…

car crash grahamstown
The car lands in a shower of sparks slamming into the chapel perimeter wall, leaving the driver seriously injured

“It is fortunate that the driver survived and that it happened late at night and not during the day, as the area where it crash-landed is part of a school and would have been very busy”.

The Anglican boarding school – which was founded in 1855 by the first Bishop of Grahamstown, The Right Reverend John Armstrong – has 500 pupils. Old boys at the £11,000 a year school include South African rugby legend and coach Nick Mallett and Brigadier Sir Miles Hunt-Davis, KCVO, CBE, who was private secretary to England’s Prince Philip between 1997 and 2010.

WATCH VIDEO: Makhanda flying car captured on CCTV as it crashes into chapel

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