nazier-paulsen EFF MP
EFF MP Nazier Paulsen. Photo: FB / Nazier Paulsen

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has urged the Ethics Committee to urgently probe EFF MP Nazier Paulsen’s “series of very offensive and derogatory posts about the Coloured community on his social media”.

The DA said it condemns in the strongest terms the comments made by Paulsen on Facebook, where he refers to Coloured people as “brown pets” and “monkey face.”

brown pet eff comment

Natasha Mazzone MP – Chief Whip of the Official Opposition – said in a statement: “The DA now urges the Ethics Committee to urgently expedite a probe into Paulsen’s conduct, as this is not the first time we have laid a complaint of this nature against him. The DA has also previously referred both Paulsen and EFF leader, Julius Malema, to the Ethics committee over social media post seemingly inciting violence.

brown pet eff comment

“South Africa’s moral fibre has slipped down a very poisonous and gruesome path, Parliament cannot continue to allow its members to behave in this manner. Doing so sends a wrong message to people of South Africa and diminishes the standards and the values of public office.”

Paulsen responded to the news on Facebook on Monday, saying: “This one’s for you. Name an Italian War Hero. There’s none! Please report this to the Ethics Committee. I’m insulting an entire nation.”