David Scott aka The Kiffness in an interview
David Scott aka The Kiffness in an interview.

For Christmas, South Africa’s the Kiffness has created yet another Corona parody – this time, it’s based on popular Christmas carol, We Three Kings.

David Scott (aka The Kiffness) says: “This time of year I’m normally traversing through the country with my two wise bandmates, performing to audiences all across South Africa. Instead, I am in my room making Corona Christmas Carols (which is also cool), but it’s not so cool not being able to pay my bandmates. If you’d like to make a contribution, you are welcome to do so on my PayPal: https://paypal.me/thekiffness. Thank you!”

Fans are loving it. One said: “This made me sad but cheered me up at the same time :'(:” Another added: “You are completely brilliant. Thank you for yet another awesome treasure documenting this year of sh*te! Loved the lyrics, the stark candle symbology, the grim but beautiful music. Again, thank you.”

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