Vlogger's Alleged Fury Over South Africans Eating 'Russians'
Vlogger's Alleged Fury Over South Africans Eating 'Russians'. Video screenshot

This has to be a joke! A vlogger, speaking English and Russian, has posted a video in which he complains about the passionate attitude in which South Africans are eating ‘Russians’. Of course we all know that Russians are the name given by South Africans to a certain type of sausage (find out why below)… but this vlogger appears to think we’re referring to the actual people! (We’re sure he’s acting!)

The allegedly outraged video poster said he came across a video made by South Africans (on a soap opera), discussing how much they love chopping and cutting Russians, eating them with their hands or cutlery and choosing only the best Russians. “I chop them in half and I deep fry them,” reveals one SA woman. Her comment has made headlines.

The vlogger says it is cannibalism and against human rights.

His video was discovered by SA twitter user lingsss who said: “Just ran across a Russian vlogger’s video reacting to how South Africans call sausages “russians”. This is so hilarious, doesn’t he know we call sausages like that? 🤣😭”

The video has been posted on dubious sites in China and Russia, with one questioning the “disturbing reports” and asking if they are credible. It goes on to say that South Africans reportedly “proudly admit to eating Russians. Is this a common practice or an isolated incident? What is happening in South Africa to prompt people to do this heinous behaviour, and what have the Russians done to deserve this?”

The article claims that Russian media and citizens are up in arms and that the SA government has not yet responded. It notes that SA citizens seem to believe there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing, and that this tradition has been going on for years with ‘delicious Russians’ being “easy to find and sell from street vendors, cafes and public supermarkets.” Well ja, they’re SAUSAGES… containing chicken, pork or beef! No homo saps were injured in the making thereof!

SA journalist Tom Eaton joked: “Thoughts and prayers to (SA Vice President) David Mabuza as he frantically sends an encoded memo to Moscow, replying to an enraged message from Vladimir Putin demanding to know why #ILoveEatingRussians is trending in South Africa.”

WATCH Russian vlogger reacts to how South Africans love to eat ‘Russians’

So why is it called a Russian sausage in South Africa?

South Africans don’t called all sausages Russians – just the Russian ones! According to Eben van Tonder, writing on EarthwormExpress.com, the SA sausage that’s called a Russian probably had its origins back when the first Jewish-Russian immigrants arrived on the Cape of Good Hope shores in the 1890s. It then would’ve been made with soy and other grains. He says the sausage probably developed and changed during the Anglo-Boer War, and then found its greatest following on the SA goldfields where there was a large Russian community dominating the grocery trade.

Twitter user Lester Kiewit (who has 95,000 followers including the IPID), has a slightly different explanation. He says:

“Fat person here: SAcans call it russians because with the polish migration to SA, they brought with Kielbasa sausage. SAcans also didn’t know the difference between Poles and Russians. So Kielbasa got called the russian (nice little viral ad campaign btw)”

What is a Russian sausage made from in South Africa?

A Kielbasa is a smoked sausage of any kind of meat from Poland. According to van Tonder:

“The most widely used (Russian sausage) recipe in South Africa today contains almost exclusively chicken, pork or beef trim, some soy and a bit of starch, filled into either a hog casing or into a sheep or beef casing if religious rules preclude the use of pork. Some butchers may add some cooked pork rind to give flavour and body. It is always cooked by the butcher to at least 69 deg C and most butchers smoke it. In recent years, some butchers have opted for beef collagen casings but this remains challenging when you deep fry the Russian as is often done.”

Read more from Van Tonder here.

An ‘alleged’ news report (which looks and sounds just like a comedy show)

This does not appear to be a real news report. The news reporter speaks in English, and the person they’re interviewing looks like a bad actor!

#ILoveEatingRussians is now trending in South Africa! And most South Africans are finding it very funny.