Motorist Thanks Guardian Angels After Surviving 13-Car Pile-Up on N1 Near Cape Town
Motorist Thanks Guardian Angels After Surviving 13-Car Pile-Up on N1 Near Cape Town. Photo: FB / Mark Meyer

Western Cape resident Mark Meyer is thanking his guardian angels today for keeping him safe during a major multiple-vehicle pile-up on the N1, outside Cape Town, South Africa.

Mark was driving on the N1, near the Plattekloof off-ramp, on Friday morning when he said a truck crashed into him from behind, triggering the mass collision on the N1 inbound. Thirteen cars were involved, including the initial truck that jack-knifed, according to a traffic spokesperson.

Along with a selection of photos of the horror crash, Mark said on social media: “My guardian angels were watching over me this morning. A truck seems to have brake failure on Plattekloof Hill on the N1. I happened to be in front. 13 car pile up.”

Mark said in a video that two trucks had crashed into him, with one turning over and losing its load.

He said he got out of the car with “my legs shaking, I’m fine, I can just thank the Lord that I’m okay.” Mark said the scene was “total chaos”.

accident N1
N1 accident Friday morning 20 May. Photo: FB / SABC

Cape Town Traffic Services has confirmed that four people were injured in the accident which brought traffic to a standstill. The accident was attended to by at least 22 traffic officers who assisted in clearing the wreckage and diverting traffic.

A former trucker advised on social media that motorists should attempt to always keep a large distance between themselves and large trucks in front and behind them, as it can take a truck up to 100 metres to come to a safe standstill.

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