Baby Snatched in Seconds at South African Supermarket
Baby Snatched in Seconds at South African Supermarket

This is the shocking moment that is every mother’s living nightmare when a stranger snatches your baby while you are busy shopping in a supermarket.

Stranger Snatch Eight Month Old Baby in a Supermarket
Danielle & Bradley Wolff: Source: Facebook. To use any of the text or photos, please contact Jamie Pyatt News Ltd.

For mother-of-two Danielle Wolff of Alberton, South Africa, the horror came true as she took her eight-month old daughter to her local store for supplies.

Unable to reach down into the chilled meat counter Danielle – whose little girl was in a white romper suit – placed the infant safely in the child seat of the trolley.

But as she turned her back to open the glass door and bent down to select meat for the evening meal a SHOP EMPLOYEE calmly walked over and snatched her baby.

The butchery assistant who works in the SuperSpar in Alberton, Johannesburg, gently places both hands under the baby’s arms and lifts her out of the red shopping trolley.

The unhinged employee then places the stolen baby over his left shoulder and walks away from the distracted mum, and tries to put a shopping aisle between him and her view.

Danielle turns around to drop her meat chops in the trolley and in a mother’s moment of total horror sees the trolley’s baby seat empty and her little girl nowhere to be seen.

As Danielle shouts out she spins round and spots the apron wearing employee walking away from her with her baby to an area where seconds later they would be out of her sight.

Danielle rushed up to the burly butcher and screams at him and grabs her baby back from him and shouts loudly:”Where were you taking her? What were you going to do with her?”.

The shaken mother of two posted the CCTV, which she got from the SuperSpar security office, on her Facebook and gave her own account of what happened on social media.

She said:”I have her in my arms and when I get to the meat section I place her in the trolley to free my hands and when I find what I’m look for I bend down.

“Within an instant, a stranger is seen in the video taking my daughter. I look up and she’s gone. I immediately look for her and find her in the arms of this man.

“I’m able to grab her from him and say what he is doing with my daughter? Why does he have her? He is smiling and laughing and I say it isn’t a joke and it’s not amusing.

“He tells me he walked past the trolley and my daughter’s arms were up so he picked her up. I am frozen and confused. Why is he laughing? I tell him it’s not funny.

“You don’t touch a child, you don’t take a child. I am unsure what to do next and the man again approaches me to ‘demonstrate’ what my daughter was doing.

“He said she wanted to go with him and I am so angry, shocked, hysterical and I’m shouting: “where were you taking her? What were you going to do with her?” she said.

Danielle called her husband Bradley who rushed to the Meyersdal SuperSpar and after reviewing the CCTV footage insisted on reporting a case of attempted baby snatching.

The South African Police Service were called and after seeing the video arrested the member of staff

A spokesperson for SuperSpar said: ”We have provided the CCTV footage to the police and management are fully co-operating with the authorities in their investigation.

“We are extremely relieved a reported case of baby snatching was foiled on Sunday and we can confirm we immediately decided to suspend one member of staff.

“We will take further action based on the results of the ongoing investigation and the SPAR group is reaching out to the family to offer any help they need including counselling.

“The SPAR group adopts a zero-tolerance approach to crime and will ensure the strongest possible consequences to those who commit crimes in our stores to ensure customer safety”.

South African Police warrant officer Gerhad Cornellius confirmed a case of attempted baby snatching was under investigation and it was too early to comment further.

To use any of the text or photos, please contact Jamie Pyatt News Ltd.

WATCH Baby snatched from supermarket in South Africa

VIDEO: SOURCE: Danielle Wolff/Facebook