The Met Office suggests the temperature in London on Friday will be 'warm', while thunderstorms are expected in parts of South Africa. Photo: Canva

The Met Office suggests the temperature in London on Friday will be ‘warm’, while thunderstorms are expected in parts of South Africa.

The forecast for the Greater London area is a minimum of 8 degrees Celsius with a maximum of 12.
But we warned!
Temperatures are expected to plummet to ONE degree on Sunday!
Meanwhile, down south in Mzansi, according to the SA Weather (SAWS), severe thunderstorms are expected in parts of Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and KwaZulu-Natal on Friday from 10:00 until midnight.

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The impacts of severe thunderstorms include: 

  • Localised flooding of susceptible informal settlements,
  • Low-lying roads/areas
  • Poor driving conditions due to the pooling of water on roads and reduced visibility
  • Increased travel times
  • Localised service disruptions due to increased lightning activity

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Severe THUNDERSTORMS expected TODAY in these parts of SA
Severe THUNDERSTORMS expected TODAY in these parts of SA. Photo: SAWS


The SAWS said the following areas would be affected by the severe thunderstorms on Friday.

  • Thaba Chweu / Sabie
  • Mbombela – Sabie / Whiteriver / Mbombela
  • Emakhazeni / Machadodorp
  • Mbombela – Sabie / Whiteriver / Mbombela
  • Steve Tshwete / Middelburg
  • Albert Luthuli / Carolina
  • Victor Khanye / Delmas
  • Govan Mbeki / Secunda
  • Pixley Ka Seme / Amersfoort
  • Dipaleseng / Balfour
  • Mkhondo / Mkhondo/Piet Retief
  • uPhongolo
  • eMadlangeni / Utrecht
  • Newcastle
  • Abaqulusi / Vryheid/Abaqulusi
  • Ulundi
  • Nquthu / Nqutu
  • Okhahlamba / Royal National Park
  • Msinga / Pomeroy
  • Nkandla
  • Umvoti / Greytown
  • Mpofana – Mooi River / Mooi River
  • uMshwathi / New Hanover
  • Ingwe / Donnybrook
  • Umzimkhulu
  • Ubuhlebezwe / Ixopo
  • Whiteriver / Mbombela


Arrive Alive has issued some tips when driving in severe weather.

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  • To keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you, increase the three-second rule to five-six seconds.
  • Slow down if it is raining and the roads are wet. Remove your foot from the accelerator and gradually reduce your speed.
  • Never apply the brakes abruptly as this may cause the car to skid.
  • Slow down and be prepared to move to the left shoulder if an oncoming vehicle is overtaking from the opposite direction and will not be able to do so safely.
  • Only move towards the shoulder if you can see 150m ahead of you clearly. Keep in mind that pedestrians may be walking on the shoulder to avoid mud on the road’s surface.
  • Be cautious of oil patches. Do not slam on the brakes; instead, steer through. Patches will be small in most cases.
  • Before taking a bend, especially a sharp bend, always shift into a lower gear. As you approach the bend, your speed should be at its slowest, and both hands should be on the steering wheel. When driving around a bend, this slow in/fast out technique gives you the most control.
  • Double your normal following distance from 3 seconds to 6 seconds to increase your space cushion.
  • Switch on your headlights.
  • Other vehicles in the rear and in blind spots should be avoided because they are difficult to see through rain-splattered windows.

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