Sabi Sabi leopard
When staying at a bush lodge in South Africa, you can never be too sure of what might come strolling through your accommodation. Photo: video screenshot

It’s definitely is a wild, wild world out here in South Africa – especially when a leopard casually strolls through the outside entertainment area of a bush lodge.

Just imagine you get ready to sit down for afternoon sundowners by the pool in your luxury safari villa when all of a sudden, a leopard comes walking past.

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That’s exactly what happened recently at the Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve when a leopard was seen meandering about.

Luckily, there were no guests outside at that exact moment, but someone did manage to capture the moment on camera from inside the villa.

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In the Instagram video posted by Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, captured by Retha Cooke, the big cat was seen sauntering pass the pool and outside lounge area, before exiting through a fence.

Captioned “While doing final checks on a Luxury Villa at Bush Lodge, it was not just our staff ensuring everything was in place for guest arrivals…”, it really does look like the leopard was doing last-minute checks.

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The video has since had over 70 000 views, almost 6 000 likes and over 150 comments, with Instagram users wowed by the footage of the leopard.

@birgitbachmeier said: “Safari Lodge Goals”.

“Just the neighbour’s (well fed) cat, coming to say hi 😜” @kaaarintje joked.

@bethanywillefor added: “The best welcome!!”.

Others pointed out that the creature was marking its territory.

“Quick Spritz of ‘Eau de Tigre’” @madderampling said.

@mllycraine1 added: “Marking the territory 😮”