Financial Emigration: Requirements and Misconceptions

By SAPeople Contributor 24-05-19 16:41

There is a lot of misinformation circling in the South African expatriate community about the amended expatriate tax law taking effect on 1 March 2020 and the process of Financial Emigration… writes Melanie Browne. We often have clients approach us where they have been subjected to scaremongering or solicited by “one-man” bands promoting their own […]

Top Myths About Retirement Savings & South Africans Living Abroad

By FinGlobal 12-07-18 18:35

It’s time to bust the myths that surround your retirement savings, as a South African expat. Let’s look at what you can do if you’d like to cash in your RA abroad. When it comes to exchange control and tax law, things can get confusing quickly. Especially when these laws change. That’s why we thought […]

What’s the Alternative to Financial Emigration?

By FinGlobal 12-07-18 18:40

When expats leave South Africa and are living abroad, they need access to their South African funds in order to start their new chapter abroad. This often leads to the question of financial emigration and if there are any other alternatives. Your offshore allowance Every South African over the age of 18 has two allowances […]

3 Things for Expats to Consider Before Cashing Out Retirement Annuities

By FinGlobal 12-07-18 18:41

South African expat living abroad? Here’s what you need to think about before you start the process of encashing your retirement annuity and moving your proceeds abroad. When it comes to your South African retirement annuities, all is not lost simply because you’ve moved to another part of the globe. Tax law amendments made in […]

Does Financial Emigration Change Your South African Tax Status?

By FinGlobal 12-07-18 18:42

Last year the South African National Treasury proposed to double-tax SA expats living and working abroad for a period of longer than 183 days. The huge outcry that arose resulted in the National Treasury changing a certain aspect of the draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill, making the first R1 million of foreign remuneration exempt for […]

financially emigrate

Should You Financially Emigrate?

By FinGlobal 12-07-18 18:43

Many South African expats leave South Africa with their minds firmly focussed on their overseas opportunities – whether they are leaving to explore the world or are starting a new job abroad. It is only once they are settled in their new country and have spent a few years on foreign soil that their thoughts […]

How to financially emigrate from South Africa

How to Financially Emigrate from South Africa

By FinGlobal 12-07-18 18:44

Many people living abroad are not aware that they can financially emigrate from South Africa without affecting their South African residency status, their citizenship or that they can keep their passport. Financial emigration is a compliant step from a tax perspective and a formal process with the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) to change your […]

Cash in your Retirement Annuity_ An Expats guide

Cash in Your Retirement Annuity: An Expat’s Guide

By FinGlobal 12-07-18 18:45

South African expat living abroad? Here’s what you need to know about your retirement annuity, cashing it in and moving the proceeds abroad. Many South Africans who have emigrated or relocated to other parts of the world, often think that this relocation means leaving everything they once knew behind, including certain financial investments like retirement […]

Financial emigration for South Africans

What does Financial Emigration Mean? Advice for South African Expats

By FinGlobal 12-07-18 18:45

Many South Africans leave South Africa unaware of their future plans. Perhaps they are going overseas on a year-long expat assignment, or they could be simply travelling and working their way around the globe. As they become more settled in a new country, their thoughts often turn to staying there for the long term, which […]