Ivory Coast elections
Ivory Coast ruling party hopes to win in 2024 election. Image by flickr.com

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Ivory Coast election 2024 favours ruling party: Commission Data

Ivory Coast ruling party appeared set for victory in the 2024 elections, winning two-thirds of the already tallied 112 communes.

05-09-23 09:45
Ivory Coast elections
Ivory Coast ruling party hopes to win in 2024 election. Image by flickr.com

The ruling party in Ivory Coast appeared set for a landslide victory according to partial results Sunday 3 September 2023 from local elections expected to gauge support two years from presidential elections, electoral commission data showed.

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The ruling RHDP won in two-thirds of the 112 communes where results have so far been tallied, according to the partial results. A total of 201 communes were up for grabs at Saturday’s elections.

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The two main opposition parties — Democratic Party (PDCI) and Democratic Party (PDCI — who had teamed up in many areas to take on the RHDP, won in 15 of the communes counted, with the rest going to independent candidates.

A total of 31 regional councils were also up for election on Saturday. The first eight results from those contests all went to the RHDP, according to the electoral commission, with Prime Minister Patrick Achi winning in the southern Me region and Defence Minister Tene Birahima Ouattara in Tchologo, in the north.

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The elections were the first since former president Laurent Gbagbo returned to Ivory Coast in June 2021 after being acquitted by the International Criminal Court on human rights charges linked to post-electoral violence in 2011.

Gbagbo was not able to vote after being struck from the electoral roll due to a conviction in Ivory Coast linked to the 2011 crisis — though his son was standing for his party in an Abidjan district.

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“The elections went off calmly,” said electoral commission spokesman Emile Ebrottie, ahead of giving out early results on national television.

Monitoring group Aube Nouvelle (New Dawn) said it had registered some isolated altercations, but overall, the poll had passed off smoothly — in stark contrast to three years ago, when contested presidential elections won by Alassane Ouattara saw violence spark that led to 85 deaths.

Some candidates did complain, however, of irregularities — including in Abidjan’s largest and bellwether district of Yopougon. Many senior ruling party figures won their seats, according to the partial results, including National Assembly Speaker Adama Bictogo, who took 44 per cent of the vote in Yopougon.


He took advantage of a rare example of opposition disunity in the most populous area of Abidjan, with a population of 1.5 million, to beat Michel Gbagbo, son of former president Gbagbo.

Augustin Dia Houphouet, the PDCI candidate in Yopougon, had complained of “huge irregularities” in the voting. He won 19 per cent of the votes. The presidential election will be held in 2025.

Incumbent Ouattara has not said whether he will stand for a fourth term in office. The results of Saturday’s voting are expected to continue coming in on Monday.