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Carmen Coetsee

Carmen Coetsee is a bookworm, both on and off the clock. She completed her Masters degree in General Linguistics in 2023 at Stellenbosch University. Currently, she is a researcher and project manager in child language development. She is also a freelance book reviewer and has written for top South African publications and networks, such as SARIE magazine and SABC.
Andre de Ruyter

De Ruyter’s book ‘Truth to Power’ exposes Eskom’s dark secrets

By Carmen Coetsee 19-07-23 15:33

Former CEO of Eskom, André de Ruyter, has made waves in South Africa with his tell-all memoir, Truth to Power. With cool-headedness and dry humour, de Ruyter tells his story of his three years working for the infamous electricity company. From neglected equipment, ageing power stations and crippling corruption on a massive scale, de Ruyter has […]