DA Abroad

DA Abroad
The DA Abroad is the overseas network of the Democratic Alliance (DA), a Liberal Democratic party that is the second largest party in South Africa. The DA Abroad's aim it to contribute to the success of our country through projects and campaigns that are aligned with the DA’s vision.

ANC is Blocking Attempts for Easier Voting for South Africans Abroad, Despite Ramaphosa Video

I watched with great interest, the video that was released by President Ramaphosa yesterday, encouraging South Africans around the world to register and vote...
Calling All South Africans Abroad to vote

Every Vote Counts! The VOTE HOME Campaign Launches to get South Africans Overseas to...

Heita, Howzit! Did you know that South Africans can vote abroad in the 2019 elections? Lekker right? There are hundreds of thousands of us...