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Gaynor Young is the face behind the blog 'ear 'ear!. Gaynor is the actress who 'Plunged to Fame' falling 18 metres down an unguarded lift shaft whilst taking the lead in a production of Camelots being staged at the State Theatre in Pretoria. This fall left Gaynor spastic, brain damaged and totally deaf. After 18 years Gaynor is now able to hear again as a result of two cochlear implant operations. Through her weekly blogs about 'life' she inspires and motivates her followers across the globe. In 2013 she was the runner up in the entertainment & lifestyle category of the prestigious SA Blogging Awards. Gaynor can also be found on Facebook and Twitter (@earearblog).
Gaynor Young South Africa

Former Actress Dedicates Award for Exceptional Courage to her Exceptional Mom

By Gaynor Young 22-04-16 10:38

On the 8th Jan 2016, I received the following letter from Dawn Lindberg, the Executive Director of the South African Naledi Theatre Awards: Dearest Gaynor, Congratulations on being chosen to be an ABSA ‘PROSPER‘ AMBASSADOR! The timing co-incides with our Executive Decision to give you a SPECIAL NALEDI THEATRE AWARD this year, at the 2016 Awards… […]

Gaynor Young on Getting into a State!!!

By Gaynor Young 06-11-15 11:42

After my accident, whilst in a coma, Absa, set up an account for me. They generously deposited money into this and let it be known that it was available for public donations towards my medical expenses. Twenty-five years later, I am still banking with them! Recently I wrote to the Chief Financial Officer and I […]

Sinking Sands!

By Gaynor Young 20-04-14 12:59

I placed my foot with sheer terror on what I perceived to be a shifting and sliding mass of gulping sinking sand…and to my utter surprise I found that I was not swallowed whole. I discovered that although this landscape was a totally new terrain, it was firm underfoot. I wasn’t sure where the path […]

PJ Powers - the Loved One

The Loved One!

By Gaynor Young 06-04-14 16:36

PJ Powers is one of the biggest singing sensations in South Africa. I met Penelope twenty-four years ago, just after my accident. Let me tell you about it… On 9th December 1989 my life changed irrevocably! I was understudy for the role of Guinevere in Camelot, being performed at the State Theatre in Pretoria. On the 9th […]

He who Smiles while Crushing you!

By Gaynor Young 30-03-14 14:11

Jacob Zuma’s middle name is “Gedleyihlekisa” which means: “He who smiles while crushing you.” Indeed, South Africa’s president certainly seems to be smiling while crushing the life out of his country. I remember at the age of ten riding up to the grocery store to buy my Mother some milk. On my way I passed […]