Wed, Feb 8, 2023

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Berg River Canoe Marathon

Only the toughest survive the Berg River canoe marathon

One of South Africa's toughest endurance races is the Berg River Canoe Marathon, which starts in mid-July. It's tough because paddlers sit in their...
athol fugard

Japan’s highest art honour for Athol Fugard

South African playwright Athol Fugard, the creator of anti-apartheid masterpieces such as Blood Knot, The Island and Master Harold ... and the Boys, has...

Mandela: a champion for women’s rights

There is a common misconception that feminists are hysterical, man-hating women who burn their bras. But the reality is far different; in fact, one...

The sky is not the limit for African astronaut Mandla Maseko

It is an extraordinary dream come true. Like music to Mandla Maseko's ears, this part-time DJ will blast off into space, literally. No-one in...

Nadine Gordimer Tribute: happy endings, courage in life and talent in work

TRIBUTE FROM SAPEOPLE: "I happened to be thinking of Nadine Gordimer on the day she passed away. I was sitting in a movie theater in London,...

Januaries keep Mandela spirit alive in France

Everyone has a memory bank of images: Nelson Mandela, fist clenched, walking to freedom from Victor Verster Prison; the limp and lifeless body of...
African Handmade Shoes Source: fb/africanhandmadeshoes

Cool Video Showcases South Africa and SA Shoes made with Soul

Three South African brothers are involved in a really cool venture with a group of young Swiss entrepreneurs who have created a really cool video showcasing...

South African ‘English’ – Guide to Slang Words in SA

English has been spoken in South Africa for over 200 years, evolving into a distinct dialect with a vocabulary strongly influenced by indigenous languages....

New South African crime thriller to hit local screens

  Cold Harbour, the new South African crime thriller from the producers of Jerusalema, will have its world première at the Durban International Film Festival on...

Videos: Eco Adrenalin-Pumped Photographic Adventures of South Africa

Check out these two awesome videos from a new photographic South African tour company. The company's tours are specifically tailored for international photography and...