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I’m one of those odd people who, despite travelling the world, hasn’t actually moved all that far. I’m living in the house I pretty much grew up in and doubt that I’ll ever really leave it! Like most people who live in ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’, I have a love/hate relationship with the city. The thing I hate the most are the obnoxious drivers who litter our road, so if you’re ever in my hood and you’re confronted with a blonde who stops to point out you're in the wrong, steer clear.… I love that we have so many trees (and if one more person points out that, hey, like, shoo wow, we have the largest man-made forest in the world here, I’ll throw up on myself!) and that so many people are getting into the groove and getting not only indigenous but endemic – after all, I’m a serious gardener…

Ubuntu Project: Backyard Food Gardens Mushroom in South Africa

By Melanie Walker 13-05-20 19:41

“Let backyard food gardens mushroom! Let there be enough food for all to eat.” So says the Facebook profile picture of Food and Trees for Africa (FTFA) facilitator and Agroecologist Tim Abaa, who is fast becoming the poster boy for all those in South Africa who are keen to start growing their own; and whose […]

South Africa's national flower, King Protea

South Africa’s Proteas: Identifying Every Type, Including SA’s National Flower, the King Protea

By Melanie Walker 23-10-20 22:50

We often think of Proteas as being Proudly South African (afterall, the King Protea is South Africa’s national flower), but how many of you knew that they’re actually widely distributed throughout the southern hemisphere… in places such as Australia, Tropical Africa, South America, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Malaya? This family apparently dates back […]

Stand for Something or End up Falling for Anything….

By Melanie Walker 18-04-17 13:00

It’s a very difficult thing on occasion to ignore what’s going on around you. Or at least, not to react too negatively towards it. Being one who doesn’t read the newspaper or watch the news on TV, I pretty much get wind of happenings on social media (cue Facebook and Twitter…) With everything that’s been […]

Heat Wave in Cape Town

South Africans Drop Off Water to Help Overcome the Curse of El Niño

By Melanie Walker 04-01-16 17:35

The drought continues apace in South Africa. It’s hot as hell everywhere, including obviously Hotazel. Water shortages are a reality (even if some people in Joburg still think it’s cool to water their gardens during the day, despite the water restrictions that have been in place for a while). The Mother City isn’t taking the […]

The New South African Treasure Hunt

By Melanie Walker 06-08-15 09:48

It was fast. It was fun. It was clearly something people in our lovely country should do. And thanks to Kia SA for making it possible after my trusty SUV broke down just in time to not leave! Read about the trip down memory lane – Part One and Part Two. Despite all the bad […]

Treasure Hunt

TRAVEL: The New South African Treasure Hunt

By Melanie Walker 05-07-15 13:41

Sometimes things come about because you’re tired of the fast pace of life, the continual “mission mission mission, get there quickly,” rush around…and then you come back from a holiday feeling like you need one. And dragging two fractious Pixies around while you do it is no fun. The Pixies are my daughters. Twins. So […]

Sometimes other people say it best of all

By Melanie Walker 10-02-15 15:59

It’s a sad day when you wake up and realise you’re seriously considering leaving a place you’ve called home for the better part of 45 years. So it’s all the more poignant when you discover someone writing enthusiastically about what I believe could be a great city… In an article on Conde Nast Traveller – entitled […]

Sad whichever way you look at it.

By Melanie Walker 15-09-14 19:20

  For those of you who have been following the Oscar trial (I have to admit, I’ve steered well clear of it, watching nothing, listening to nothing, reading nothing, other than telling people that there’s only one person who actually knows what happened – ‘And you’re not it, let alone a lawyer’ – mainly because […]

South African tourist attraction Table Mountain

S. Africans unite against potentially catastrophic new visa laws

By Melanie Walker 05-09-14 06:52

Proposed new immigration regulations have not only upset South African expats whose foreign partners and children may be affected by the new laws…but have caused even greater outrage at home, with experts predicting widespread consequences and that the biggest casualties of these new restrictions will be local industries and the very people in South Africa who the […]

From the Heart – Good Women to Get to Know

By Melanie Walker 08-08-14 14:03

The more I listen to the radio, or read social media outpourings, honestly – the more I’d like to pretend I’m a big brown bear in Siberia and it’s hibernation time. There’s the dire state of affairs in other parts of the world, which seems to be foremost in many a Seffrican’s mind. Whereas I […]