Fri, Dec 2, 2022

Phil Maloney, Maple & Marula

I’ve been many things. A university English instructor, a picker upper of dead bodies, a musician, and a sales guy. My work brought my family and me from Vancouver, Canada to Pretoria, South Africa in September 2016, and I’m still wondering how that happened. I started this blog mostly because my friends back in Canada kept asking me how things were in South Africa, and posting about my experiences seemed more efficient than repeating myself hundreds of times. Maple and Marula is a way for me to make sense of my new surroundings as an expat who has no idea what I’m doing.

Things a Canadian Loves About South Africa: Jacaranda Trees

Quite some time ago, I promised that I’d write about ten things I love about South Africa before I’m allowed to whine and moan...

What to Expect When You Move From South Africa to Canada

I usually blog about life here in South Africa, but I’ve had roughly a kabillion Saffas contact me to ask what they can expect...

Things A Foreigner Loves About South Africa: The Social Life

Canada, as everyone knows, is awesome... writes Phil Maloney from Maple and Marula. We invented all the best stuff in the world, like the internet,...

Things A Canadian Loves About South Africa: Unbeatable Balloon Safaris

In keeping with my promise to post 10 things I love about South Africa before I’m allowed to complain again, here’s number 5... writes...

How To Braai Like a Champ in South Africa – By a Canadian

I’m usually proud to be a Canadian...writes Phil Maloney. We ride polar bears to work, introduced the world to classy cuisine like poutine, eat cereal...