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By max tomlinson 13-09-15 14:55

Pure foods solution Beat the bugs, including colds and flu’s, by eating pure, natural foods rich in immune boosting vitamin C and the antioxidants selenium, zinc and vitamin E. What is the immune system? Your wonderful immune system is your protection against anything that poses a threat to your body. The list ranges from bacteria […]

Abdominal bloating

By max tomlinson 13-09-15 14:55

Pure foods solution Get rid of all refined sugars and potential food allergens What is bloating? There is a lot of confusion surrounding the term abdominal bloating. It does not mean water retention or fat on the belly.  Bloating indicates a digestive problem and the symptoms are a distended, lower abdomen, griping and flatulence. It […]

Health: Heart Disease – causes and remedies

By max tomlinson 13-09-15 14:55

What is Heart Disease? Heart disease doesn’t just involve the heart but the whole circulatory system. This includes  the arteries and veins which respectively, carry blood to and away from the heart. The three principles of heart disease are: 1. Thicker blood containing clots. 2. Atherosclerosis; the blocking of the arteries with a deposit called […]

The Key to Inner Calm and Dynamic Action

By max tomlinson 13-09-15 14:55

Meditation Meditation is not about stopping your thoughts and sitting in silence. The mind is always active, producing thoughts and feelings constantly. Meditation is about watching your thoughts without getting involved in them. I see meditation as like being in the ‘cinema of the mind’. When you close your eyes the dark space in front […]