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Born in Germiston, South Africa, Paul Christie is an occasional writer and sometime poet who comments on a broad range of subject matter, his favoured form of communication being in the form of ditties set to the music of well known songs. His blog site "percolatedponderings.com" is currently under development.

Ira’s Gift at Christmas

By Paul Christie 17-03-17 17:45

Little Joe, who had adored his ‘outgoing’ father Ira, had been withdrawn and sulky since the accident, venturing out of his room only at mealtimes. With the funeral behind them and his parents’ mutual friends having long since returned to their busy lives, Joe and his mother Mary were left pretty much on their own now.  […]


A Father’s Open Letter to his Children on Facebook

By Paul Christie 26-02-16 18:51

My dear children, it is with some regret that I must announce that despite the growing phenomena of parents addressing letters of praise directly to their kids on Facebook, extolling, inter alia, their brains, their beauty and the munificence of their physical and mental attributes, I’ve reluctantly decided to stick with the somewhat dated practice […]

Nkosi sikelel’iAfrika

By Paul Christie 27-05-15 17:20

A very happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there – how very special you are, not only to your own children but for the key role you play in building a nation of decent, upright, caring souls! How appropriate that today has been chosen as a National Day of Prayer for a Crime-Free […]

An Easter Song to the Tune of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”

By Paul Christie 16-12-20 10:37

If you’re a believer in the Word You celebrate the risen Lord And every precious day He’s given to you And on this Easter Sunday morn Upon the wings of hope you’re borne And your heart cries out a joyful Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah   You think of all they put Him through That […]

Fathers Day South Africa

Father’s Day Poem – Ag Pleez Daddy

By Paul Christie 14-06-14 23:52

With Father’s Day in South Africa this weekend (Sunday 15 June), Paul Christie remembers his father and his childhood in Germiston in this poem…inspired by Jeremy Taylor’s classic folk song. (For those who do – or don’t – remember the original, we’ve included the video below.) Ag Pleez Daddy (with apologies to Jeremy Taylor) Ag pleez daddy can […]

Mothers Day South Africa

On this Mother’s Day, let it be…

By Paul Christie 11-05-14 07:23

This is dedicated to all mothers, young and old – how very special you are! To the tune of “Let it Be” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney When I find myself in times of trouble My mother’s words come back to me Faith will find the answer, wait and see At times when friends don’t understand me Her […]

EFF Supporters. Source: effighters.org.za

An Ode to F!

By Paul Christie 09-05-14 21:54

While we await the final voting results, and in the light of Julius Malema’s EFF party coming third in the South African Elections after gaining over 6 % of the total votes so far, here’s a poem: An ode to F! (musings on a possible South African pop opera…) To the tune of “Yesterday” by the Beatles. […]

A South African Election Poem

By Paul Christie 06-05-14 21:34

On the eve of the 2014 South African Elections, Paul Christie has written the following poem for fellow South African voters… A South African Election (Read to the tune of “An English Country Garden”) How many promises do you see In a South African election? How many lies do they televise In a South African […]

A Prayer for South Africa

By Paul Christie 15-04-14 16:26

To the tune of “How Great Thou Art” Dear Lord on High, I see the need and hunger That fill this land; on every face displayed I feel the pain, I see the fear and anger A people lost, their hopes and dreams betrayed Then cries my soul, My Saviour God to Thee How can […]


A Poem for returning South Africans from the UK

By Paul Christie 03-06-14 13:29

It’s high time someone in South Africa spoke up about something that we’ve all been too timid to raise for far too long, either out of politeness or a misguided sense of political correctness.  Let me be the first to speak out about this abomination and consequences be damned! To the tune of “Love Me […]

Oscar joke

An Open Letter to Oscar Pistorius

By Paul Christie 06-05-14 18:23

My dear Oscar, Your freedom of access to newspaper articles and the internet doubtless leaves you somewhat bemused by your precipitous fall from grace in the eyes of an erstwhile adoring public. The reasons for this may at first blush appear obvious, but I would venture to suggest that these are as multi-faceted and as […]