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Tanyaradzwa Pamhirwa is a junior campaign manager for The South African. She inspires and helps clients to create marketing content that their customers will love - igniting real results for their businesses.
VPN myths

Debunking common VPN myths: Separating fact from fiction

By Tanyaradzwa Pamhirwa 02-08-23 15:15

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have emerged as one of the most popular tools for safeguarding online activities. However, as with any widely adopted technology, several myths and misconceptions have arisen around VPNs. In this article, we aim to debunk these common VPN myths and shed light on the truth behind these powerful tools. MYTH 1: […]


Best Racing Bookmakers not on BetStop Australia

By Tanyaradzwa Pamhirwa 02-08-23 11:59

In the adrenaline-fueled world of sports betting, racing enthusiasts in Australia have long relied on BetStop as a go-to platform for placing their wagers. However, for those seeking a more diverse and expansive betting experience, there exists a realm of untapped opportunities beyond the confines of BetStop Australia. Enter the realm of “Best Racing Bookmakers […]

Holistic therapy

Holistic therapy in long-term dependency treatment

By Tanyaradzwa Pamhirwa 27-07-23 16:53

Holistic therapy is a way to address addiction that looks at the whole person, including their physical, social, mental, and spiritual health. It is based on the idea that addiction is not just a physical problem, but also a complicated disease that affects the whole person. Holistic therapy considers all the above and uses various […]

South Africa’s journey to regulate the gambling industry

By Tanyaradzwa Pamhirwa 10-07-23 12:12

In the past, gambling in South Africa, except horse betting, was not allowed. The Wiehahn Commission recognized the potential benefits of regulating gambling, such as generating revenue and creating jobs. The government passed the National Gambling Act in 1996. It incorporated Wiehahn Commission’s recommendations and set the stage for a regulated gambling industry in South Africa. […]

responsible gambling

Guide: How to choose the best bookmaker in SA

By Tanyaradzwa Pamhirwa 06-07-23 16:07

Online betting has been dominating the South African online gambling market in recent years, with statistics by the National Gambling Board (NGB) showing that the largest percent of the revenue in 2022 was made by betting operators. NGB’s latest report indicates that the statewide revenue of gambling reached almost R35 million, which is an increase […]

virtual real estate

The rise of virtual real estate – Creating opportunities in the Metaverse

By Tanyaradzwa Pamhirwa 23-06-23 13:10

The Metaverse has emerged as a groundbreaking virtual reality realm transforming how people engage, collaborate, and entertain themselves. It presents an interactive digital landscape where individuals can delve into a three-dimensional universe, fostering exploration, creativity, and social connectivity. Unsurprisingly, this rapid rise in popularity has profoundly impacted numerous sectors, notably the real estate and the cryptocurrency industries. […]

South African Rand

Why South Africans aren’t saving

By Tanyaradzwa Pamhirwa 22-06-23 10:54

OVER THE years, banks and financial experts have called for South Africans to save for the proverbial rainy day. In March last year, that rainy day arrived, as Covid-19 delivered a torrent of financial challenges that left anyone without accessible savings and investments struggling. INSIGHTS INTO THE REAL REASONS FEW SOUTH AFRICANS ARE SAVING A recent study […]

Breakfast on 4th July in Spain

Healthy breakfast habits for men

By Tanyaradzwa Pamhirwa 21-06-23 17:57

Well, it is very important for all men to take a healthy breakfast in the morning to remain fit and healthy as well as energetic. However, unfortunately, maximum men do not follow this and suffer from several troubles or diseases. When your body is not getting the proper vitamins, protein, calcium, fiber, sodium, nutrition, potassium, […]

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