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Tax Consulting South Africa is the largest independent tax firm in South Africa and deals with all aspects of South African and international tax compliance. They are known for providing market leading expatriate tax and remuneration consulting services and their team comprises 75 full-time professionals, including tax attorneys, chartered accountants, reward specialists, global remuneration professionals (GRP), psychometrists and master tax practitioners. Visit Tax Consulting South Africa.
sa expat tax march 2020

Tax D-Day is Here! SA Expats in for a Bumpy Ride with SARS

By Tax Consulting SA 23-01-20 17:50

South African legislation governing expatriate tax exemption is set to change dramatically from 1st March 2020, affecting South Africans worldwide. This includes anyone who has permanently settled in another country. Those who do not comply with the new requirements face stiff penalties and risk up to two years in prison. To help expatriates understand their […]


Confusion and Contradiction: SARS Has Expats At A Cross Road

By Tax Consulting SA 17-10-19 13:48

The time for making a decision on how to deal with the fundamental tax change for South Africans earning foreign income abroad is fast running out. The change to section 10(1)(o)(ii) – the foreign income exemption – will become effective in about six months’ time. South African tax residents will then be taxed on all […]

More and More South Africans are Emigrating to Mauritius

By Tax Consulting SA 09-10-19 13:00

The number of South Africans leaving the country on a permanent basis has increased “exponentially” and many are opting for the island life in Mauritius, not only for its beauty but certainly for greater financial and tax security. “The island seemingly offers a more stable political and financial climate, and its geographic location and affiliation […]

SA ‘EXPAT TAX’ Explained: More Answers for South Africans Working Abroad from the Experts – July 2019

By Tax Consulting SA 15-01-20 10:55

Thanks to popular demand, here are even more ‘Expat Tax’ questions submitted by SAPeople members, with answers kindly provided by the expert tax team at Tax Consulting South Africa. Dear SAPeople Members, The positive responsive from the community has been phenomenal. We encourage you to continue submitting your questions and look forward to those unique […]


Treasury Announces Changes for South African Expats’ Tax Laws

By Tax Consulting SA 05-08-19 11:09

National Treasury confirmed in Parliament yesterday that the law change forcing South African expatriates to start paying tax will be proceeded with and take effect… writes Jerry Botha from Tax Consulting South Africa. However, the outcome is vastly more beneficial than what was originally proposed by National Treasury… and Barry Pretorius’ “Expatriate Petition Group” can […]