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Tax Consulting South Africa is the largest independent tax firm in South Africa and deals with all aspects of South African and international tax compliance. They are known for providing market leading expatriate tax and remuneration consulting services and their team comprises 75 full-time professionals, including tax attorneys, chartered accountants, reward specialists, global remuneration professionals (GRP), psychometrists and master tax practitioners. Visit Tax Consulting South Africa.

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Budget Speech 2020: Government Last Ditch Attempt Due to Exodus of South Africans

In December 2017, the change to the foreign employment income exemption was promulgated into law. This has widely become known as the “expat tax”....
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Tax D-Day is Here! SA Expats in for a Bumpy Ride with SARS

South African legislation governing expatriate tax exemption is set to change dramatically from 1st March 2020, affecting South Africans worldwide. This includes anyone who...

Confusion and Contradiction: SARS Has Expats At A Cross Road

The time for making a decision on how to deal with the fundamental tax change for South Africans earning foreign income abroad is fast...

More and More South Africans are Emigrating to Mauritius

The number of South Africans leaving the country on a permanent basis has increased “exponentially” and many are opting for the island life in...
SA Expat Tax

SA ‘Expat Tax’ Answers to FAQ South Africans Working Abroad Need to Know

As March 2020 approaches, when SA 'Expat Tax' is due to be implemented, we've been inundated with questions from South Africans working abroad. Here...

South African Expats in Shark-Infested Waters – Expat Tax Law Change Commencing March 2020

South African expats have been subjected to vast amounts of conflicting information regarding the amended expat law change, causing uncertainty and panic in their...

SA ‘EXPAT TAX’ Explained: More Answers for South Africans Working Abroad from the Experts...

Thanks to popular demand, here are even more 'Expat Tax' questions submitted by SAPeople members, with answers kindly provided by the expert tax team...

‘EXPAT TAX’: Expert Answers for South Africans Living and Working Abroad – June 2019

Thanks to popular demand, here are more 'Expat Tax' questions submitted by SAPeople members, with answers kindly provided by the expert tax team at...

South African EXPAT TAX: Your Questions Answered by the Experts – May 2019

With South Africans who live or work abroad facing the imminent introduction of "expat tax", there has been a lot of scaremongering and confusion....

Treasury Announces Changes for South African Expats’ Tax Laws

National Treasury confirmed in Parliament yesterday that the law change forcing South African expatriates to start paying tax will be proceeded with and take...