domestic workers salaries
Here’s how much domestic workers should be paid. Image: Stock/Canva

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Minimum wage: How much you should pay your domestic worker in 2024

The minimum wage is set to increase in March 2024. Here’s how much you could – and should – be paying your domestic worker this year…

domestic workers salaries
Here’s how much domestic workers should be paid. Image: Stock/Canva

Domestic workers in South Africa could receive a significant – and mandatory – pay hike, thanks to a proposal by the National Minimum Wage Commission.

This means that South Africans are required by law to pay their hired help no less than the recommended minimum.

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Minister of Employment and Labour Thulas Nxesi will anoint the new rate of adjustment next month, which will come into operation on 1 March 2024.

The wage is currently set at R25,42 per hour as implemented in 2023.

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As per the Department of Employment and Labour, the commission – established in 2018 –  is tasked with annually reviewing the national minimum wage and recommending market-related adjustments

The commission is made up of representatives from organised labour, business, community, and experts in the field of labour market and conditions of employment.

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According to Business Tech, the commission could increase the minimum age from between 3% and 9%, according to recommendations.

This means that the lowest proposed hike could see domestic workers go from receiving R25, 42 for each ordinary hour worked to R26,95 per hour.

The higher end of the recommendation would spell good news in the form of R27,71 per hour.

According to the department, employing someone for more than 24 hours a month is considered full-time.

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With the new proposed minimum wage increases in the pipeline, what does this mean for your domestic worker – and your pocket?

Assuming a domestic worker works for a minimum of 160 hours per month – broken down into eight hours per day, 20 days per month – their monthly minimum wage would be between R4312 (3% increase) and R4433,60 (9%)

For the daily rate of eight hours, this amounts to R215,60 (3%) and R221,68 (9%)

Employers were also encouraged to register their domestic workers with the Compensation Fund against injuries on duty. 

SA tweeps are divided over the daily wage of a domestic worker.
How much should you pay your hired help? Image via Pixabay


Employers who pay their domestic workers less than they are legally required to may find themselves in trouble with the Department of Employment and Labour.

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Each year, the the department conducts inspections across the country in an effort to ramp up compliance amongst employers.

Domestic workers not receiving the minimum wage can also approach the department or CCMA for assistance. A full investigation into the employer is likely to occur next.