A number of South Africans face a daily challenge in coping with increases in the expenses associated with everyday life. Picture: File

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Who’s offering the CHEAPEST groceries this WEEK?

In a basket comparison, Checkers overtakes Shoprite. And Pick n Pay and Woolworths stay stable. These are the cheapest groceries this WEEK.

A number of South Africans face a daily challenge in coping with increases in the expenses associated with everyday life. Picture: File

The cost-of-living crisis is real, people. So where can you buy the cheapest groceries this week? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with another one of our grocery basket price comparisons between South Africa’s favourite supermarkets.

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We just want to enrich our audiences’ lives, because why should you be paying higher prices at one retailer when you can save a little somewhere else? Let’s delve into the cheapest groceries this week and the price fluctuation compared to last week …

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RankSupermarketLast weekThis week% change
1.CheckersR785.83R777.831.02% decrease
2.ShopriteR780.83R793.831.64% increase
3.Pick n PayR827.83R824.830.36% decrease
4.WoolworthsR864.83R870.830.69% increase

The big news is Checkers has grabbed the number one slot from Shoprite for cheapest groceries this week. It’s interesting to note Shoprite’s price increase by 1.64% in the face of Checkers’ marginal decrease (1.02%). Pick n Pay and Woolworths stay more or less stable compared to last week. See the detailed basket price breakdown below …

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cheapest groceries this week
Find the cheapest groceries this week with our basket comparison. Picture: File.

We’ve compared 17 household items to see which of the four big supermarkets has the cheapest prices on groceries this week. Note that we do not factor-in discounts or card-holder specials in this comparison. Compare supermarkets per item here:

ProductCheckersShopriteWoolworthsPick n Pay
500g Fatti’s & Moni’s spaghettiR19.99R19.99R22.99*R19.99
400g smooth Black Cat peanut butterR42.99R44.99R43.99*R46.99
1kg Jungle OatsR44.99R44.99R45.99R44.99
Joko Strong Quality Teabags 100 packR51.99R49.99R49.99R49.99
Albany Superior Sliced White Bread Loaf 700gR19.99R18.99R19.99*R18.99
Sunfoil Pure Sunflower Seed Oil 2LR87.99R87.99R79.99*R79.99
Iwisa Super Maize Meal Bag 2.5kgR38.99R35.99R38.99R66.99
Selati Pure White Sugar Bag 2.5kgR64.99R64.99R57.99*R65.99
Clover Full Cream Fresh Milk 2LR34.99R38.99R38.99*R35.99
Tastic Long Grain Parboiled Rice 2kgR41.99R41.99R41.99R41.99
Snowflake Cake Wheat Flour 2.5kgR42.99R42.99R41.99R43.99
Dettol Original Bath Soap 175gR17.99R17.99R17.99R17.99
Rama Original 70% Fat Spread 500gR27.99R27.99R57.99*R30.99
Frisco Original Instant Coffee & Chicory 250gR49.99R49.99R104.99*R57.99
Nulaid Grade 1 Large Eggs 30R74.99R89.99R84.99*R84.99
Coca-Cola Original Less Sugar Bottle 2LR24.99R24.99R24.99R24.99
Twinsaver Luxury Twin Ply Toilet Paper 9 PackR89.99R89.99R96.99*R91.99

*Please note that when the exact same brands are not available (Woolworths) we used the nearest and cheapest house-brand alternatives. Specifically, Spaghetti 500 g, Smooth Peanut Butter 400 g, White Sandwich Bread 700 g, Sunflower Oil 2 L, White Sugar 2.5 kg, Fresh Full Cream Milk 2 L, Stork Country 40% Fat Spread 1 kg, Nescafé Classic Instant Coffee 200 g, Free Range Large Eggs 18 pk, Super Soft 2 Ply Toilet Paper 9 pk.

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What do you think of our list of the cheapest groceries this week? Would you shop somewhere else if it meant saving money, or do the small adjustments in prices mean little to you?

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