Amazon: What’s South Africa’s top-selling book of all time?

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Amazon: Ever wondered what’s South Africa’s top-selling book of all time?

With Amazon launching in SA this year, have you ever wondered what’s South Africa’s top selling book of all time? Here’s more about the country’s favourite read.

01-04-24 20:14

Amazon launches in South Africa this year, and you can already register to be a local retailer. The service promises fast delivery, and might rival some of the biggest shipping and delivery companies out there.

Have you ever wondered about their top-selling book?

South Africa has many great authors, and it has many fantastic books.

However, some have stayed at the top-seller list for years at a time.

Can you guess what our top book is?

Here’s a clue: it’s one of the most famous autobiographies. It was also made into a 2013 movie by the same name.

Here’s more about Amazon’s top-selling book.


Amazon launches in South Africa later this year.

Retailers can register using the website link. South Africans with a registered business can sell their wares her.

Writers can also use AmazonKDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) to self-publish their books.

Have you guessed what the top-selling book is yet?

It’s about one of South Africa’s most famous celebrities.


South Africa’s top-selling book is A Long Walk to Freedom, says Amazon’s ranking page.

It’s Nelson Mandela’s famous autobiography. The book is his full story, starting from his birth.

It includes unique details from his childhood, upbringing, and rise to power.

It’s something everyone should read at least once!


‘A Long Walk to Freedom’ has sold millions.

Amazon lists the book and ebook on its top-selling list.

Mandela started writing the book in prison, composing its first chapters in 1975. It was finally published in 1994, coinciding with the first elections.

It reveals Mandela’s story, including his childhood and later upbringing.

‘Long Walk’ also describes his loves, passions, and time working as a lawyer.

It was turned into a 2013 movie of the same name.

It’s an essential part of South African history – and world history.

Haven’t read it yet?

Then you’re missing out on an excellent read.

It’s not Amazon’s only popular South African book.

Mandela’s autobiography is also joined by: Three Sips of Gin by Tim Bax, and The Fate of Africa by Martin Meredith.

South African history has a lot to talk about.