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Christianity: Five celebrities who converted

Millions of people follow Christianity. However what about the stars who have converted their faith? Here are five popular celebrities who did.

01-04-24 20:25
AKA Forbes. Image via Instagram @akaworldwide

Millions follow Christianity to find their life’s answers. It’s one of South Africa’s dominant religions, with an estimated 80% of its population identifying as Christians. People don’t always side with their parents’ religion – and everyone chooses their way, finding what resonates with them.

What about famous celebs who have converted their faith?

Blac Chyna, Keenan ‘AKA’ Forbes, and Neo Maema have all said their lives brought them closer to faith.

Here’s a closer look at some international (and local) celebs who converted to Christianity.


Blac Chyna is an American actress and pornographic film star.

She was born in 1988 and made her debut in several music videos. She achieved widespread fame after appearing in Kanye West’s music video ‘Monster’, as a stunt double to Nicki Minaj.

Chyna also joined rapper Tyga on tour.

She converted to Christianity in 2023, turning back to her former faith, according to news reports.

Chyna deleted her OnlyFans account and started removing her tattoos.


Keenan ‘AKA’ Forbes was one of South Africa’s most beloved rappers.

His untimely death left friends, family members, and fans shocked.

Shortly before his death, his mother Lynne Forbes, reported that he had ‘found God’ during his last days.

The religious experience might have changed his views.

Does it impact the man and his legacy?


Cassper Nyovest is internationally famous, but also local and humble about his origin story. He’s been rapping for years, making his mark on smaller gigs and bigger stadiums.

He loves collaborating with others – but he’s also leaving some room for religion.

He reportedly ‘gave his life to God’ and celebrated a new life.

His new life embraces Christianity, which he has credited as part of his success.


Neo Maema is someone soccer fans will already know.

He signed with the Mamelodi Sundowns, becoming one of the most recognisable stars from the team.

You can’t deny that the man has some skills.

He surprised fans in 2023, by posting about his religious lifestyle.

Many fans didn’t know Neo was religious at all.

Christianity isn’t always obvious, or ‘in your face’.


Little Richard isn’t a local South African artist, but he has been an inspiration for many South African artists.

His religious experience happened in 1957.

After he ‘saw God’ on stage, Little Richard converted to Christianity – and started giving sermons.