driver's licence renewal
How to beat the Driver’s licence renewal backlog in 2024. Picture: OUTA.

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How to BEAT the driver’s licence renewal backlog in 2024

The Department of Transport (DOT) is slowly working through its driver’s licence renewal backlog. But here’s how you can beat it in 2024.

15-01-24 11:14
driver's licence renewal
How to beat the Driver’s licence renewal backlog in 2024. Picture: OUTA.

For all the Department of Transport’s newly integrated systems, we were surprised to find there’s still a sizeable driver’s licence renewal backlog. Despite initiatives like Smart Enrolment Units (SEUs) for vehicle licences, driver’s licence renewal still differs vastly in cost and execution from province to province. We’ll tell you the best way to get it done here.


driver’s licence renewal
The department is working through the driver’s licence renewal delay of some 350 000 applicants. PHOTO:

Before we delve into the cost, let’s talk about how you should go about your driver’s licence renewal. If you live in Gauteng or the Eastern Cape, congratulations, you can use the National Traffic Information System or eNATIS portal.

If you’re from those provinces, eNATIS allows you to book learner’s and driver’s tests, renew your vehicle licence and even report an accident to receive a police case number for insurance purposes. This is over and above the usual vehicle licence renewal service.


driver’s licence renewal
Image: Department of Transport

For a driver’s licence renewal, do the following:

  • Click BOOK NOW drop-down menu.
  • Choose the province where you want to renew your driver’s licence (only Gauteng and Eastern Cape supported for now).
  • Enter your ID number, initials, name and surname. Then, click NEXT.
  • Select the Driving Licence Test Center (DLTC) within your province, and an available time and date slot.
  • Confirm you want to renew your driver’ licence by entering the OTP sent to your mobile number.
  • Unfortunately, if you’re from any other province, you simply have to go to a DLTC in person and take your chances.

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Province   Licence renewalTemp licenceOnline + Courier
Western Cape  R140R40 n/a
Gauteng  R228 R70R371
Eastern CapeR216R96R371
KwaZulu NatalR250R90 n/a

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driver's licence renewal
Picture: File.

You must bring the following documents when you renewing your driver’s licence:

  • ID document and your old driving licence card.
  • Four black-and-white ID photographs.
  • Proof of your residential address, e.g. a utility bill showing your name on it.
  • The full application fees.
  • A completed DL1 form renewal form. Download HERE.
  • An NCP form (Notification of Change of Particulars) if required. Download it HERE.  
  • At the DLTC you will do an eye test, the cost if which is included in your renewal fee. However, you can also get an optometrist to do the eye test for you, but that will be at your own cost.


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