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WA.Technology partners with NE Group for African expansion Image: Supplied

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WA.Technology partners with NE Group for African expansion

WA.Technology has joined forces with NE Group to unveil WA Africa, signaling its foray into African markets.

18-03-24 12:23
WA Technology
WA.Technology partners with NE Group for African expansion Image: Supplied

WA.Technology has partnered with NE Group to introduce WA Africa, in an attempt to bolster its presence in the continent. Through this joint venture, the Malta-based B2B igaming provider will enhance user engagement and retention by leveraging NE Group’s expertise to deliver localized omnichannel gaming platforms throughout Africa. These platforms will seamlessly integrate mobile, retail, and online services.

Owing to this strategic collaboration, B2B iGaming provider WA.Technology will be concentrating on the booming African online gambling market to build and cement its presence through WA.Africa. Through this joint venture, African countries which include but are not limited to South Africa, should expect an even greater surge in demand for no deposit casinos and bonuses amongst other deals. As leading bonus site NoDepositTracker confirms

‘It’s refreshing to see that many operators and B2B providers are recognizing the potential African continent has and are acting upon it. Such a partnership will undoubtedly give competitors a run for their money, but, it’ll also empower providers to deliver a fresh and optimum user experience to customers.’

African market

The gambling industry in Africa has experienced a remarkable surge, driven by various factors, including the widespread use of mobile technology, the rise of a growing middle class, and increased internet accessibility. While still in its early stages compared to markets like Europe and North America, the African gambling scene, buoyed by its tech-savvy population of 1.3 billion, shows potential to become one of the world’s most influential gambling markets. As such, it should come as no surprise that WA.Technology is looking to grab a piece of this lucrative market.

Although traditional games such as slots and poker continue to enjoy legions of local fans, it’s sports betting that has truly transformed Africa’s gambling landscape, allowing it to evolve into a dynamic and thriving sector. Well-renowned for its first-class NE Sportsbook and NE Games verticals, NE Group will enable WA.Technology to tap into the market’s illustrious potential, bringing together a unique blend of sportsbook and casino experiences.

Regulatory landscape  

The diverse cultural, political, and economic landscapes of African nations have resulted in a wide range of regulatory approaches to the gambling industry. While some countries have embraced open gambling environments with established legal frameworks, others maintain more conservative perspectives, imposing stricter regulations and limitations.

South Africa, known for its progressive approach, has regulated gambling since 1996 with the enactment of the National Gambling Act. This comprehensive legislation establishes a well-structured framework for licensing, monitoring, and promoting responsible gambling practices. However, in Kenya, despite boasting one of Africa’s most vibrant betting markets, persistent tension exists between government authorities and betting operators over taxation and regulation issues.

Nonetheless, Kenya’s Betting, Lotteries, and Gaming Act forms the cornerstone of sector operations, with ongoing efforts to revise legislation to address emerging challenges. Nigeria’s gambling sector falls under the oversight of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, operating in accordance with the National Lottery Act of 2005. The country is also exploring more progressive regulatory approaches to harness the industry’s potential.

African expansion  

Following the announcement of WA.Technology’s partnership with NE Group, the B2B iGaming provider revealed its collaboration with Supabets to enhance its comprehensive website offering across 22 markets on the continent. This strategic move positions WA.Technology as a premier provider of iGaming solutions, technology, and content in Africa.

Established in 2008 and headquartered in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa, Supabets has emerged as a prominent industry player, boasting over 1,300 betting markets across multiple countries, including Ghana, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

Renowned for its engaging sports betting, live sports, online casino, and more, Supabets delivers unparalleled gaming experiences to its users. With a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, WA.Technology and Supabets are poised to elevate the African iGaming landscape to new heights.

Additional milestones  

WA.Technology recently unveiled an exciting collaboration with Fans United, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of the company’s specialized fantasy brand – WA.Fantasy. Leveraging Fans United’s proficiency in fan engagement, this partnership establishes a new standard in the fantasy user experience.

Integrating Fans United’s distinctive engagement features, including prediction games, trivia, and player ratings, will enrich the overall betting experience for WA.Fantasy clients’ players. This enhancement is poised to substantially boost player acquisition, engagement, and retention for clients.