Sun, Oct 24, 2021

keith coats

Homecoming: Returning Home to South Africa and Barefoot ‘Souls’

In 2016 my Vicky and I, in what was a somewhat spontaneous decision, moved to London… writes Keith Coats. We had a lovely home in...
Wealthy top earners leave South Africa

Pandemic Spurs Top Earners to Leave South Africa

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Cape Town restaurateur Adrian Hochman watched over the years as friends packed up and emigrated, but rationalised that loadshedding (power cuts),...
Greek wildfires August 2021

Ex-SA Resident Ignores Evacuation to Save Athens Home from Raging Fires

ATHENS (Reuters) - As angry Greeks criticize their government's response to the wildfire devastation, the story of how Stelios Kokkinelis saved his own home...

High Court’s Devastating Ruling on SA Loss of Citizenship

The South African High Court has delivered a devastating blow to thousands of South Africans who have inadvertently lost their SA citizenship since the...
Hotel Quarantine Price to Soar for Travellers from South Africa to the UK

Hotel Quarantine Price to Soar for Travellers from South Africa to...

The quarantine price for South Africans wishing to visit the UK is about to be increased by around 30%... with a family of four...
Reeva Cutting on South Africa riots

OPINION: South African in Australia ‘Sounds The Call That Comes Together’

This week has seen some of the worst rioting across South Africa since democracy was achieved in 1994. It’s been one of the most...
South Africans in London protest

WATCH South Africans in London Stand United at Peaceful Protest AMAZING...

South Africans abroad gathered for a peaceful protest in London on Sunday, Mandela Day 2021, showing their solidarity with their loved ones back home....
Dear Mike... With Love from the South African Expats

Dear Mike… With Love from the South African Expats

In response to businessman Mike Abel's letter to South Africans abroad, passionate SA activist in London - Hayley Reichert - has penned the following...
Message to South Africans Now Living Overseas Mike Abel

A Message to South Africans Now Living Overseas by Leading SA...

The following letter, by M&C Saatchi Abel Group founder Mike Abel, has been going viral the last few days. As we pointed out to Mike, at...
SANDF South Africa army deployed

South African International Community Calls for Full SANDF Deployment

South African citizens living and working abroad are in uproar at the situation unfolding on the ground in South Africa. With daily updates from...