Monday, June 1, 2020

WATCH Classic South African Ad Captures Lockdown Lost in Translation

King Price has proved again that South African ads are some of the best in the world. Watch the below hilarious interaction between a...
south african lockdown charges criminals

Thousands of South Africans Now Have Criminal Records After Lockdown Charges

Thousands of South Africans arrested for minor infringements of lockdown rules, and forced to pay admission of guilt fines (to stay out of jail),...

Gautrain and Putco Execs Get Top Positions at Embattled Prasa

After several years without permanent CEOs, the much suffering Passenger Railway Association of South Africa today saw the appointment of several strong candidates to...

WATCH Kevin Fraser’s Hilarious Take on ‘Families Under Lockdown’

Watch South African comedian Kevin Fraser give a spot-on depiction of life for families under lockdown. The video is actually an ad for a pizza...
back to school dilemma south africa 2

The Back to School Dilemma for South African Parents

I liked this 'Back to School' image because what I would really love right now is a road sign telling me exactly what direction...
sa fly moon mars nasa pix

South Africa’s Space Agency Partners with NASA to Fly to the...

The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) has entered into a partnership with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to host a Deep...

Parisians Celebrate New Phase for France in Contrast to South Africa

Parisians were Thursday night celebrating as the French Prime Minister announced relaxed regulations for the next phase of de-confinement, which begins on 2 June......

Ubuntu: The Philosophy We South Africans Need to Follow Right Now

As a philanthropist rather than a psychologist I know more about people helping each other than I know about why they do it. What...

Women Dig Up Old Spring to Solve Village’s Water Problem in...

A group of mostly elderly women from KwaMnyandu in Elandskop near Pietermaritzburg have dug up an old spring so their village can have uninterrupted...
launch delayed saturday

WATCH LIVE Space-X and NASA Crewed Rocket Launch Today 27 May

Watch the video below for the live television coverage of the launch of Crew Dragon from Florida's Kennedy Space Center at 10.33pm South African...