Sat, Jan 22, 2022

Reg Bamford of 1st Contact fame

An Interview with 1st Contact Founder Reg Bamford

Reg Bamford's website 1st Contact is one of those must-use sites for any South African on  a working holiday to the UK. Here, the...

Charlize Theron Kisses a Girl for Charity

Charlize Theron proved she'll do anything for kissing a woman to raise money for children in need. The 20-second kiss took place on...

South African Celebs on Video

Check out Charlize Theron kissing a girl (who paid $140,000 to charity for the honour!):

Meerkats in Life of Pi

South Africans featured in "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel (winner of The Man Booker Prize 2002) OK, so they're not exactly South African people,...

SA Optimism reaches a high…but thought of emigration remains same

According to a new survey the majority of South Africans are feeling optimistic about SA and its future. (Click on title to read more.)

Unlimited Energy

Unlimited Energy is a project development and consulting firm offering services for emission reduction projects, such as the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Voluntary...


Ideate is a South African blog about business written by real business owners. Read more...

8 Reasons Why It’s Great to be South African

written by Fred Roed from Ideate 1. We are resourceful We make it happen, despite the odds. Forget stories about wind-up radios or the CT Scan...

South African Surfers break Guinness World Record

More than 100 surfers rode a wave at the Earthwave beach festival in Muizenberg, Cape Town on Sunday 4 October to break the Guinness...

Why Coloureds can’t be Terrorists by MARK LOTTERING

- Ons is altyd laat. We would have missed all 4 flights. - We talk loud and would bring attention to ourselves. - Met free kos...