Sun, May 22, 2022

Zuma Zooms to the Top

Just seven months after being elected President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma has received the prestigious African President of the Year Award for 2009! The...

Mandela Day now a Global Event

by Bongani Nkosi It also recognises Mandela's “leading role in and support for Africa's struggle for liberation and unity, and his outstanding contribution to the...

Support Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund with Christmas Cards

Raise more than a smile this Christmas! Make sure your Christmas cards get delivered on time by sending a digital greeting card that supports the...

Prince of Darkness

Satan visits Cape Town and meets Gatiep. "Do you know who I am?" says Satan. "Nay," says Gatiep, "gie my a hint." Satan says, "I am the...

Royal Romance Back On?

We may just get to see a Southern African become the next addition to the British Royal Family. Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy seem...

You Make Me Smile

Just a little email to brighten your day: Always try to help a friend in need Believe in yourself Study hard Give lots of kisses Laugh often Don't be overly...
Reg Bamford of 1st Contact fame

An Interview with 1st Contact Founder Reg Bamford

Reg Bamford's website 1st Contact is one of those must-use sites for any South African on  a working holiday to the UK. Here, the...

Charlize Theron Kisses a Girl for Charity

Charlize Theron proved she'll do anything for kissing a woman to raise money for children in need. The 20-second kiss took place on...

South African Celebs on Video

Check out Charlize Theron kissing a girl (who paid $140,000 to charity for the honour!):

Meerkats in Life of Pi

South Africans featured in "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel (winner of The Man Booker Prize 2002) OK, so they're not exactly South African people,...