Thu, Feb 2, 2023

South Africa in the Washington Post

South Africa's unique mix of energy, humanity, sheer doggedness and knack for problem-solving are showcased in a six-page supplement in the ...

Ronaldo bares almost all

OK, OK, he's not exactly South African, but he did spend a good few weeks in South Africa until Portugal were eliminated from the...

SA Murders Down

Pretoria - Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa has released the National Crime Statistics for the past fiscal year announcing a significant decline in...

Alice Walker to explore Biko ties

by Nicky Rehbock Prof Alice Walker has arrived in South Africa to deliver the 11th annual lecture honouring the late Stephen Bantu Biko, an...

Bow and arrow invented in South Africa?

South African archaeologists have found what is believed to be the earliest evidence of human-made stone-tipped arrows, 64 000-year-old stone tools –...
High Risk Area - robbery and prostitution

Only in RSA…

From an email doing the rounds... You've just got to love South Africa!! Here's an extra pic sent in by Jan Taljaard who now lives in...

SA researcher to help save sharks

by Janine Erasmus South African researcher Alison Kock of the Save Our Seas Foundation’s Cape Town shark centre, is one of an international group...
Naaitjie - Joost did it

Naaitjie – Joost did it!

From an email doing the rounds...
Kulula Airline

Comair Borrows It’s Classic ‘SA Humour’ from Canadian Airline

It appears that low-budget South African airline Kulula keeps their prices down by borrowing international jokes. So while an email doing the rounds claims...
Gamu Nhengu - she's got the x factor!

Simon Cowell really, REALLY likes young Zimbabwean

A young Zimbabwean is about to become a household name in Britain (and maybe the world), thanks to TV show X-Factor and her extraordinary...