Sat, Feb 4, 2023

Zuma scores a 10 at No. 10

We're pleased to report that President Jacob Zuma's visit to No 10 Downing Street, home to Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife...

South African Surfer wins Mavericks Comp.

by Fiona McIntosh When his wetsuit and custom-built surfboard didn't arrive at the invitational Mavericks Big Wave Surf Contest in California's Half Moon Bay,...

South African Chocs for the Oscars

By Bongani Nkosi This year’s Oscar nominees will be sweetened up with more than just the promise of a golden statue: each star will also...

Celebrating FREEDOM

South Africans celebrated 20 years since Nelson Mandela finally left prison and walked out a free man. And what an incredible walk to freedom...

20 Years of Freedom

by Janine Erasmus “I wish to put it plainly that the government has taken a firm decision to release Mr Mandela unconditionally. I am serious...

The Best of Africa’s 2009 News Stories

From an email doing the rounds... 1. The Cape Times ( Cape Town ) "I have promised to keep his identity confidential,' said Jack Maxim, a...

Gandhi’s Ashes scattered off Durban

Two hundred relatives, friends and fans of Mahatma Gandhi gathered in Durban to scatter some of his last remaining ashes into the Indian Ocean...

Avatar vs Pocahontas

An email doing the rounds... FYI - IMHO stands for In My Humble Opinion

Wow! 5 mins in the Kruger…

From an email doing the rounds... WOW!!!! The astonishing scene of a leopard savaging a crocodile has been  caught for the first time on camera. A series...

Who would you pamper with a hamper?

We've received a mountain of amazing, inspiring emails during the course of the Luxury Woolies Hampers give-away competition. Here's a sample of some that...