Wed, Sep 29, 2021

Time 100

TIME 100 List Brings Together Elon and…Kanye?

The annual TIME 100 Most Influential People list always raises eyebrows, for the people it includes as much as the ones it doesn’t. This...

South African Expat Becomes First Woman to Swim Around Dubai’s Famous...

South African expat - and accomplished musician - Kieran Ballard-Tremeer has become the first woman to swim around Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, the iconic artificial island...
Rosie Letsoalo-Alexandrov who was the first voter in Toronto

Devastating Voting News for Expats from Four Cities

Unfortunately the votes from four overseas cities have not been counted as they did not reach South Africa before the IEC's deadline of 9...
Suarez, World Cup

Oops Suarez did it Again

After Luis Suarez appeared to bite an Italian player yesterday during a World Cup match in Brazil, the jokes have been flying on the internet...

World First: On Demand Movies for South Africans Abroad Launches with...

0 - the new VoD (video on demand) platform for indigenous movies from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand - launches their service today,...
Fiji Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald

Brave South African Expat becomes Fiji’s Newest Hero

South African expat, Major General Bernadus Groenewald, is making headlines in Fiji, Australia and New Zealand with his bravery. Groenewald, who happens to be the...
Fish Hoek Fire

The Hills are Alight – Fish Hoek, South Africa

At first, the scene looks like another sensational sunset in South Africa blazing across the sky. But unfortunately this was a real fire burning...
End Ivory funded terrorism

Last Days…Video to end Elephant Ivory-funded Terrorism

Is it the same for everyone now when they hear a sentence with the word ‘ivory’ in it? Does everyone get that feeling? The...
Oscar Pistorius tweet

The Importance of Reeva’s Tweet as Oscar Pistorius Tweets Again

Oscar Pistorius broke his silence on Twitter a week ago. It had been five months since his previous tweet on Valentine's Day when he...
Reeva Steenkamp

Watch Oscar cross-questioned by Gerrie Nel this Morning

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel is proving as tenacious as a "pit-bull" in his cross-questioning of Oscar Pistorius in the trial in which Oscar is...